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Hello! Guys, from last several years I was struggling to reduce my extra body fat, but smartly I got my first Spin bike in 2013 and experiment around 14 brands including Sunny, Phoenix, Keiser, Marcy, Exerpeutic, Bladez, and others. I have also tried few of the best treadmills available in the market and am trying to follow various workout programs. All the credits are not mine alone, half goes to my fitness Doctor and a half for my workouts.

Welcome to Superbadassworkouts.com,  I have developed this platform to suggest you great and exclusive resources that enhance your overall fitness, which includes spin bikes, treadmills, workout programs, and diets.

Here you will not only find the reviews but also the proper guidelines to reduce your body fat and make sure about your fitness. You can easily find the best one that suits your budget and body requirements; just easily following experienced reviews. I don’t compromise with the quality, Never Ever.

Share your thoughts

I am not the guy who knows every possible metric. I want you also participate with my journey. You can simply share your fitness secrets, tips or existing spinning bike story or any media here. I will be honored to feature your experience here on my blog.

So, let’s begin your fitness class. No more excuses to your health. Hope you will gain your desired body shape easily following this blog. I am promised to provide you every useful resource.


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