6 Best Compact Rowing Machine For Home Use (2016-2017)

Rowing machines are quite popular because they are easy to use, take up less time and effectively offer a full body cardiovascular workout. So if you don’t have the patience to get through a whole volley of exercises aimed at specific parts of your body, then go in for a Best Rowing Machine that is ideal.

It can burn up to 13 calories a minute, and can tone your arms, legs, back, abs, and shoulders. It can essentially help with fitness, weight loss and toning all in one single go. There are quite a lot of these machines to choose from, however, these are the some of the best compact indoor rowing machine that you can go with.

Top 6 Best Rowing Machine

Have a look at the 6 best rowing machine for home use that we have chosen for you.

#1.  Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machineconcept-2-model-d-indoor-rowing-machine

This is simply the most popular and the best rowing machine in the market from Concept 2 at the moment if you’re someone who doesn’t mind shelling out a little extra. It’s used in all the professional chains and gyms for several reasons. It has the most intelligent Resistance system which can detect your every stroke and respond to it in order to give you the ideal workout framed for your particular needs.

It has an extremely quiet flywheel, and a display wireless monitor that offers all the necessary informations, such as distance, pace, watts, calories burned, etc, along with a couple of custom made presets for different workout needs.

#2.  WaterRower Natural Rowing Machinewaterrower-natural-rowing-machine

This is a great rowing machine which comes equipped with its own water tank to offer the feel of actually rowing on water. The resistance lies within the water tank but it’s silent nonetheless. The resistance is also easy to control because it responds to your strokes and thus optimizes your workout.

This is extremely durable and has no moving parts to it so it cant wear out.

#3.  Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rowervelocity-exercise-magnetic-rower


This is a mid-range rowing machine for those who can’t afford the ones listed above. However, this also has its own advantages. The LCD system can gauge all your vitals, and it comes equipped with a heart rate monitor that can be strapped onto your chest, in order to measure your pulse.

It has an electronic resistance which can be increased or decreased seamlessly.

#4.  Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rowerbest rowing machine


This is another mid-range Rower which comes equipped with most of the features like the Magnetic Rower such as an elaborate LCD system, and a 12 workout preset, and a heart rate monitor. However, this has significantly more comfortable seating available which is ideal for long sessions.

In fact, it has better seating than most Rowing Machines, period. However, it’s also slightly more expensive than the Magnetic Exercise Rower.

#5.  Stamina Air Rowerstamina-air-rower-machine

This is a great value for money machine from Stamina because it is quite cheap and comes with a good number of impressive features. Other than the LCD system which can gauge your distance, calories burned, etc, it also has really comfortable padded seats and has a wind resistance which responds to your physical strokes and adjusts accordingly, so its similar to a lot of the top end models in this regard, though it utilizes a different system to achieve that effect.

#6.  Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine With Free Motion Armsstamina-best rowing machine


This is a really cheap model, relatively, which offers a good workout. This makes use of a hydraulic resistance which is easily adjustable. It has an interesting design as well which offer a realistic rowing experience. And it has a really thick and padded seat for ultimate comfort. It’s a good quality machine which is great for entry-level users on a tight budget.

These are just a few of the rowing machines that we thought to be best for home use. Of course, there are a lot more available in the market and if you are not satisfied with the above ones, do explore further, but don’t forget to leave us a comment on your pick.

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