5 Best Spinning Bikes For Home Use – 2017

Spin bikes have become increasingly popular over the years and there are hour long Spin sessions available in most of the gym these days. A spinning session has become synonymous with a complete cardio workout. However, if you don’t wanna’ take the time to go all the way to your gym every day and simply get your workout at home, you need to keep certain considerations in mind while buying the right Spin Bike, such as your requirements, your budget, etc. Accordingly, these are some of best spinning bikes that you can consider for home use. However through the Spin Bike buying guide before making any decision.

5 Best Spinning Bikes For Home Use

Take a look at the best spinning bikes available for home use.

#1. Keiser M3 PlusKeiser m3plus red - Spinning Bike

Keiser M3 Plus, is a great machine, which offers incredible comfort, resistance and a whole set of useful features. However, this is only for those who are willing to make a long-term commitment to spinning. With 24 levels of magnetic resistance, this bike is great for everyone from the who are just starting out to those who are experienced in it. It also provides a very real world kind of motion and as such is great for those who’d like to burn more fat. One of the unique things about this machine is that it gradually and smoothly transitions between changing magnetic resistance, and doesn’t produce any distracting sounds.

Because of it using a magnetic resistance, you can precisely adjust the level of resistance and even check up on how much calories you’re burning, how much distance you’ve travelled, etc. This is a great investment all in all, except for the one hiccup — it is extremely expensive, far more than your regular bike, which is why it’s recommended for those who are completely certain about their spinning needs.

#2.  Sole Fitness SB700 Light CommercialSole fitness sb700-3 - Spinning Bike

This is the most commonly used spin bike in gyms and in health clubs. It offers everything one can expect from a high-end spin machine, with a great build primed towards comfort, replete with padded seats and textured handlebars. The computer display is also exhaustive, capable of tracking all essential details like RPM, calories, distance covered, etc. It can also handle the weight of those who are overweight and wish to lose weight. Assembling this machine is an exercise to be done in patience, but it’s eventually worth it.

#3.  Sunny Health & Fitness Pro SF-B901Sunny Health Fitness Pro - Best Spinning Bikes

This is a really good option for those with a budget below $300. The great thing about this is that it has great adjustability, so much so that it can perfectly suit any body type. It is also noise free, has great stability and can accurately mimic the feel and momentum of biking out on the road. For purposes of easy storage and movability, it comes equipped with wheels even on the back of the bike.

#4.  Spinner fit Indoor CycleBest Spinning Bikes for home use

This is perfect for those who care for a serious cardio workout but also do not want to unnecessarily splurge on the fancier options. This does not have the most sophisticated computer display but it has all the features that are necessary. Resistance shift is natural and effortless, and the pedals remain stable and durable even during very intense workout sessions.

#5.  Sunny Health and Fitness Premier

Sunny Health Fitness - Spinning Bike

It is an upgrade to the Fitness Pro model, however, it doesn’t come with a lot of heavy upgrades, though it is certainly more aesthetically pleasing. It is also very well able to replicate outdoor cycling experience because of its heavy duty crank and chain mechanism.

Hope, you have now got an idea of the best spinning bikes for home use available in the market. Now make a decision on which one suits your requirement or is apt for you and then go ahead and buy it. Check out for the spinning bike reviews before buying and Happy exercising!


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