Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Cycle Review

Bladez fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle trainer bike is one among the unique cycle trainer bike that is molded to offer complete convenience to the biker. It is adjustable, so, the biker can adjust it according to his size and height. And it is upgraded with the console for a monitor that will track your performance level. This indoor cycle bike has a heavy flywheel that it can hold or carry a heavy person with a cumulative resistance for increased intensity during the workout.

Whatever intensity of the workout you prefer, the Bladez fitness master indoor cycle review proved that this spinning bike can level up your workout pace. Due to its sturdy frame that is made from steel, you can rest assured that it has a great stability no matter how intense your driving would be. You can focus without being disturbed by tipping or noise due to an unstable foundation.

Now let’s check the other features of this bike which makes it the best cycle bike for an intense workout.

Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Cycle Review

Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Cycle Review

Heavy-duty steel frame

The type of materials used on the frame is very important, for it the main support on the spin bike. The bladez cycle bike tubing is made of an oversize steel that provides great stability. No matter how intense you drive, you are guaranteed of its durability and power to hold your weight.

Adjustable Seat

You can adjust the seat and the handlebars in accordance to your preferred height and position. It is very easy to adjust the seat; just slide the cam levers up into position by loosening it. You will not find it complicated to adjust the next time you will use the bike because, you can easily adjust it from the previous setting or position since there are markings on the poles. The handlebars can also be adjusted so you can have the most comfortable spinning workout session.

Flywheel with Manual resistant

Just as the spin bike reviews stated, this indoor cycle bike best feature is; it allows you to pedal faster or back and forth without worries that your feet will slip as you pedal. This is due to the manual resistance on the flywheel that works by turning the tension knob. No slipping and guaranteed smooth and quiet pedaling as you go on with your workout.

Bladez-indoor-cycle-handlebarRacing style Handlebars

Like the racing bike, Bladez cycle bike handlebars are rubberized so, the biker will have a stable grip on the bars. This design to offer comfortability to the biker as he adjusts his leverage.


This is the most distinct features of the Bladez cycle bike. It monitors the range of data in your workout such as; speed, distance, calories lost and time elapsed. You can even sync your console to a polar heart monitor strap for a more effective cardio exercise.

What We Like
  • The Bladez cycle bike is very well made and ensure stability, so it won’t move or wiggle while you are riding it.
  • It has a very smooth flywheel that when you are working out in your home, you will not disturb other occupants because, you can pedal quietly no matter how fast.
  • It is very easy and quick to assemble.
  • Equipped with adjustable seat and handlebars , so it can fit any cyclist.
What We Do Not Like
  • There is no water bottle handle
  • No markings on resistance level.
  • You need your own battery for the console

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the pedals to SPD pedals?

Ans: Yes, the pedal can be taken out and replaced them if you want.

Q: Can I used it even I am heavier than the required weight of the bladez cycle bike?

Ans: Yes, there are Bladez fitness master indoor cycle review mentioning that even they are overweight compared to the required weight of the bladez cycle bike, they have used it without problems of squeaking or Turks. It is still smooth and quiet considering the heavy weight.

Q: Is the resistance top down magnetic or top down leather pad?

Ans: it is top down leather pad.

Final Verdict

The Bladez cycle trainer bike will give you that experience of natural road biking. But even better, for you can track your range thru its monitor. The heavy flywheel assures stability so you will not experience discomfort due to wiggling or squeaking. Even a beginner will find it a little bit risky for the first time due to its heavy weight but, it is still the best bike to start. Because later, once you have started your momentum, you will find yourself enjoying the ride.

If still, you have doubts about this indoor bike, I assure that you have no reason to be,because  from all the customer reviews on spin bikes, they have proven that the durability and the great features of this bike will surely give you the best and functional ride. I highly recommend this bike. Surely, you will enjoy the ride while losing all those unwanted calories.

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This Indoor bike will provide you smooth spinning experience. Solid body and amazing features make the bike outstanding on the Market. Highly Recommended.

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