Body Beast Workout Routine – 90 days Schedule

Have you been working out and lifting weights constantly for several weeks or even months now without any noticeable changes to your physique? If so then you’re not alone. A lot of people go through this. However, if it hasn’t happened yet then it’s likely that going along with your current routine it might not happen in the near future at all. As such, you should follow the Body Beast workout and nutrition program. This will help you get ripped and pack several dozen pounds of lean muscle in just about 3 months.

Body Beast Workout Routine is a perfect combination of exercises and science that guarantees to get you jacked ! This 90-day Schedule gets you all the workouts you need in addition to an exact diet plan that will keep you stomach satisfied while burning away excess fat and building muscles. There are two schedules you can choose from: The Huge Beast or The Lean Beast. And the best part is that it caters to both men and women.

Body Beast Workout Routine

Here is a brief of the body best workout that will help you get the best of shapes as soon as possible!

What is it?

Body Beast Workout

Basically, the Body Beast workout is focused almost entirely on lifting weights. It doesn’t put much stock on cardio and other mobility exercises, it’s all about lifting those weights and getting ripped, packed full of drop sets, supersets, etc. The sole purpose of this workout is to get you that beach body with the chiseled appearance that you’ve been lusting after. Even if you have achieved your ideal weight but want to now start building those muscles, this is ideal for you.

Necessary Equipments

Necessary Equipments -body beast workout

  • Dumbbells: You need to go through a lot of weight variations in your workout program in order to build muscles, and as such you need to invest in a couple of dumbbells, adjustable or otherwise.
  • Bench: You can get a bench, an adjustable bench preferably so that you can incline or decline it while lifting weights so as to hit your muscle spots from a variety of angles and produce a more rounded effect in your physique. If a bench is out of your budget range, get a blow-up exercise ball, which isn’t as stable but allows you to go at it with different angles more conveniently.
  • Pull Up Bar: Get a real pull up bar if you can afford to, else any overhead piece of the iron rod would suffice. If you can’t do pull ups on your own initially, you can use Pull Up Assist bands initially. You can think of them as your training wheels. Once you get a hang of it, you can go at it on your own.

Sets for Workouts

Sets -body beast workout

The body beast workout comprises several different kinds of sets that you need to go about according to the given schedule. These sets are laser focused on engaging muscle fibers and boosting your testosterone levels, giving you a greater push. The sets include Single sets, Super sets, Giant sets, Progressive Sets, Forced sets, amongst many others as well. Each set comprises several different workouts for a set number of times. For example, the Progressive Set works on an incline and decline feature, which looks something like this:

  • 15 light weight reps
  • 12 medium weight reps
  • 8 heavyweight reps

Following this you take a 90-second rest and then go at it again but in the opposite direction, starting with the heavy reps to the light.

Structure – Cell Blocks

Structure - body beast workout routine

The entire program is divided into three Cell Blocks, for varying durations, which would hit all the major muscle groups. The Block structures look somewhat like this.

  • Block 1: This is a 3-week long program, with 6 workout days per week. It looks into these muscle groups — Chest & Triceps; Back & Biceps; Legs; Shoulders; Cardio & Abs
  • Block 2: This is the program with all the most rigorous sets mentioned above. It goes on for a duration of 5 weeks, and the workout days focuses on these muscle groups — Back; Chest; Shoulders; Arms; Legs; Abs and Cardio.
  • Block 3: is final 4-week program tones you up and chisels your body with a rotation of all the workouts introduced so far.

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan -body beast workout routine

There are several takeaways from their nutrition plan:

  • The diet hinges upon a balance of BMR with the Harris-Benedict Formula and focuses on increasing calories with daily surplus use.
  • In the final month, you have put off the surplus in order to get rid of any remainder excess fats.
  • The diet plan is split into three phases — Strength building, Muscle mass growth “bulking”, and Fat loss “cutting.”
  • For those who are skinny, they need to ingest as many Calories as possible during the “bulk” phase.
  • You’ll be provided a manual to help figure out which calorie group you fall under and what you should thus be eating.

Finally, available at just about $39.99 this is actually a pretty good program you could purchase. If you stick to it with dedication body beast results in the beach body you’ve always craved. However, let us know in the comments sections down below whether you’ve used the body beast workout or any other similar program and what were your experiences with them like?

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