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Indoor cycling is one of the most effective ways of strengthening your heart since it gives you a complete body workout that helps in building your stamina. It is done by combining sitting and standing position while pedaling with speed.

Indoor cycling is as good as outdoor cycling. Both can burn calories and fats and can tone your muscles quickly if done properly. Cycling will stimulate your mind and body and it can even remove your stress.

Today, indoor cycling has been introduced to give greater convenience to every cyclist enthusiast. One of these indoor cycle bikes is the Body craft SPX Club Indoor Cycling bike. What is more convenience and enjoyable than having your own cycling bike in your home?

You can decide when to work out, how long and any time of the day, no matter what is the weather outside. In consideration for all the other great spin bike reviews, the Bodycraft cycle bike could be your best choice. Why? Well. Check out the reasons why this bike is best for you.

 BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike Review

BodyCraft SPX Review

Our Rating: 9

Steel Frame

The Bodycraft spx indoor bike is made of top quality imported materials such as; the belt drive from Germany, seat bearings from France, and the cold forged steel cranks.

This ensures for durability and long lasting use of this amazing bike. Because of the solid materials, the bike is guaranteed stable and will not tip or sway when you use it.

Precision Flywheel

Weighs about 46 pounds and 300-pound weight for the whole bike which is designed to carry a six-footer person. The Bodycraft SPX review said it all, that this spin bike is durable and smooth to ride no matter if you are 6 feet 5 inches tall.

Seat and alloy pedals

The most important asset that a cyclist should consider in choosing his cycle bike is the comfort. The Bodycraft bike offers this comfort. The stainless steel seat is adjustable, so you can adjust it whatever fit you like.

The seat of this cycle bike is made by Velo the number one maker of expensive and high-quality seats and pedals.The pedals come with a toe strap to keep your toes in place and avoid slipping. So, guaranteed, that these seat and pedals are not only comfortable but also reliable.


Are convenient because it is padded and large that you can lean on them whenever you get tired in a long session workout. It is very comfortable and offers a stable grip when doing an intense workout.

What We Like
  • Every cyclist first two top priorities when choosing a spin are the durability and comfort, which the bodycraft spx have it all.
  • This cycle bike’s belt drive is very smooth and quiet. You can speed up your pedaling quietly.
  • Proved by 96% of bodycraft SPX reviews, there is no question of the durability of this spin bike.Bodycraft SPX cycling bike is capable of a person weighing 300 pounds. It will not squeak or tip when a heavy person sits on it because it has a solid stability
  • Bodycraft SPX cycling bike is capable of a person weighing 300 pounds. It will not squeak or tip when a heavy person sits on it because it has a solid stability
What We Do Not Like
  • It is not equipped with a monitor, so you will not be able to track your speed and how many calories you have burned

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why it has to be expensive when there is no monitor included?

Ans: the Bodycraft cycling bike is made of imported materials. The money you will spend for this bike, is all worth it, for this bike can last for a long time.

2. I am a small person, the reviews said, it is good for big or tall people. What about 5 feet people like me?

Ans: the bodycraft cycling bike is also best for small people. It is no designed for tall people only, but it is for all cyclist enthusiast short or tall. The emphasis of it is being ideal for big people, is just to assure that even heavy or tall people can use this bike comfortably.

3. Is it not difficult to transfer it to your location due to its weight?

Ans: Yes, you might consider that, but remember, its heavy weight makes it more stable to ride. If you want to transfer its location, then you can ask for anyone to help. But you can move it yourself.

The verdict

The Bodycraft SPX indoor spinning bike is one of those brands that you can rely on to be functional even for a long use. It is because of the top quality imported materials used on this bike. When you want a complete cardio exercise, then this cycling bike is best for you. You will be able to experience a workout just like road biking.

You can expect from the same effects of outdoor exercise with this cycling bike. Increase your stamina and strengthen your heart now in the comfort of your home.

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Solid body, Smooth riding and Easy Assembly functionality make the bike outstanding. Highly Recommended.

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