7 Crossfit Endurance Workouts Benefit For Runners

CrossFits are a relatively recent trend when it comes to Workout. These are extremely high intensity and utterly exhausting sets of non-linear exercises. But with variations in functions that can be used by anyone from Football Quarterbacks to Grandmothers looking for a little fitness in their daily lives. This is because these don’t involve a specific set of routines. These are adaptable and molded specifically for the individuals’ needs, and it’s a form of conditioning which uses your own body weight as a resistance in order to build muscle mass faster. The great thing about Crossfit endurance workouts is that it enhances all aspects of your body, be it strength and stamina or endurance and mobility.

Another great aspect of CrossFit which most would appreciate is that you need to spend only about 15 minutes in the Gym. However, those 15 minutes will be chalk full of continuous movements with little to no breather in between. It may be composed of simply 3 to 4 routines, but they’ll be repeated over and over again in a quick loop. It’s a super charged burst of exercise, quality before quantity.

Crossfit Endurance Workouts Benefits


There are lots of benefits of regularly doing CrossFit endurance workouts, these are some of the most prominent ones.

  • Focus on Overall Quality of Life

CrossFits look into the overall development of health rather than just providing a physical endorphin high. They look into overall physical development like endurance, stamina, and skill as well. But in the accompaniment of a good diet, proper sleep cycle, and hydration. As such it enhances your metabolism and helps sustain a high quality of life.

  • Burn Those Calories

CrossFits is startlingly capable of burning through a vast number of Calories in a really short period of time. This is perfect for those who lead a fast lifestyle and don’t have hours to spend at the gym. A typical CrossFit workout lasts only about 20 minutes — and that’s the ceiling — but it has the ability to raise your metabolic rate such that even when you’re simply taking a rest after, your body is still burning those calories.

  • Focus on Athleticism

This is done by replacing a linear motion run for a mile at a time by increasing variations in movements and patterns. This helps exercise a vast array of muscles, working on the philosophy of being an Athlete first, and a Runner second.

  • Power and Speed Training

Strength and Power enhancement are actually at the heart of increasing durability and endurance as well. Hence CrossFits focuses on a couple of high voltage power training modules which can enhance your Power thus also making you faster and more durable.

  • Joint Mobility

This can be derived from the previous point itself. Because it focuses on overall body development rather than just a few muscles at a time, your joints get more exercise. It also helps because you’re taught how to lift heavy objects off the floor in the correct posture, and this helps you in your everyday life.

  • Fast Weight Loss

Most people who hope to lose fats do so by regularly doing cardio for an hour at a stretch. However, it is far more beneficial and effective to do short bursts of high-intensity workout. The journal of Strength and Conditioning, in 2013, found that those practicing CrossFit generally experience far better body composition in the form of weight loss and muscle mass gain.

  • Fast Recovery from Races

With a Crossfit Endurance Workouts regime, you can run marathons followed by the CFE recovery protocol, and you’ll be good as new. It drastically cuts down on the recovery time.

Hope you have understood the benefits of Crossfit Endurance Workouts and would try to make it part of your exercise regime.

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