Exerpeutic 900xl Review – An Extensive Overview

Listen up to this Exerpeutic 900xl review and you will learn how it can help you lose weight while sitting down! Yes, this exercise bike is a recumbent bike which means that your body is in a reclined position and your back has full support. You will feel very comfortable while exercising.

This is what everybody wants, right? To be able to exercise 30-45 minutes a day without having to strain any part of the body. A lot of people say that a recumbent bike is for the lazy, but is it really?

Exerpeutic 900xl Review

exerpeutic 900xl review

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Features of the Exerpeutic 900xl  Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike With Pulse 

It is a recumbent bike

The purpose of a recumbent bike is to make exercising easier and with less stress on the knees and back. It was specifically built for the senior citizens who still want to get active but has flexibility concerns and for those who want to take it slow in exercising – someone who is recovering from an injury and someone who is really obese and cannot put too much pressure on their knees.

It boasts of its extended capacity feature

Compared to the earlier model, this exercise bike has an extended seat and backrest – it is wider – to provide more comfort for the user. It may be a recumbent bike but for stimulating workouts, a magnetic resistance knob is available.

The weight limit is also extended at 300lbs but some say it can accommodate up 325lbs. It also has extended leg stabilizers. It keeps the machine from tilting and getting unsteady while in use.

It has an adjustable seat

The seat can be adjusted to fit a short and tall person, from 5 feet and 2 inches to up to as tall as 6 feet and 3 inches. Some clients who are shorter (around 5 feet flat) commented that they had no problems using the machine. (Compiled from many Exerpeutic 900xl review and user comments online)

The pedals are larger with safety straps

exerpeutic 900xl reviewGet on the bike; insert your feet into the pedal straps and exercise. It is a safety feature to ensure that your feet do not slip off the pedals. Once you cease movement, the pedals stop with you. It will not move on its own even after you get off the exercise bike. Can it pedal backwards? Yes, it can.

They call it the smooth torque cranking system

This bike pedals like the wind. It has a precision-made balanced flywheel (crank) to make the shifting and rotating of the wheel really smooth. The belt being utilized here is termed as the V-belt drive for a “no-noise” biking experience.

It has a magnetic tension knob for resistance biking

It was mentioned earlier about the magnetic resistance knob. This bike is equipped with 8 tension settings from low resistance which is 1 to a really tight, high resistance level which is 8 (You will feel your thighs burning!).

It comes with a console and LCD display

exerpeutic 900xl reviewYou will see how minutes/seconds you have biked, your speed in miles per hour, your distance biked in miles, the estimated calories expended per exercise, the person’s heart rate (through the hand pulse monitor) and the total miles on the bike (odometer).

Going on and off the bike is easy with its step-thru design. Step in; sit on the cushioned seat, relax your back and then exercise. When you are done, step down and get off the machine Exerpeutic 900xl review and comments by users – they love this feature!

How much is the Exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike? Is it worth it?

Exercise bikes these days can go as high as $1000. The machine may prove to be high tech but basically, it is all the same. Any type of exercise machine no matter how cheap or expensive it is will do one thing: help you lose weight. This is the whole point of having an exercise bike at home. Privacy, convenience and comfort.

As for the Exerpeutic 900xl,  it is reasonably priced and super affordable. But do not be fooled by the price. Users have commented over and over again that the cheapness of the price is the far opposite of the bike’s performance and totality. It is a sturdy exercise bike made of metal. Check out the latest price below.

What are the Pros and Cons?

The Good Points
  • People recovering from injuries, people with knees and back conditions and those who have mobility concerns, they can still exercise thanks to this bike.Wider seat and wider backrest.
  • People recovering from injuries, people with knees and back conditions and those who have mobility concerns, they can still exercise thanks to this bike.Wider seat and wider backrest.
  • Adjustable seats to accommodate height difference between users.
  • Sturdy, solid and durable.
  • Smooth running and not noisy.
  • Pedals with safety straps to avoid slipping of feet.
  • Economical.
  • Positive feedback from users.
  • Best recumbent exercise bike reviews all over the internet – rated 4.2 out of 5 stars (more than 1500 reviews)
Needs improvement on
  • This bike is for petite to medium height persons only. If only this machine had a super extended capacity, to be able to accommodate those people taller than 6’3”, this would have been the best recumbent bike out in the market.
  • This has the basic functions only.
  • It is not that technologically advanced compared to other machines, according to an Exerpeutic 900xl review by a fitness buff.
  • Users love the machine but commented that it takes a long time to assemble, about two hours.
  • There is nothing else in the machine except for the console.
  • No water bottle holder.
  • Nowhere to place your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.
  • You have to disembark the bike if you want to adjust the seat.
  • The seat, according to some users, is not cushioned enough.

Questions from interested buyers

Does it have warranty?
Is there a senior citizen who gave their feedback on the use of this bike?
So, if I am more than 6 feet, I will not fit in this recumbent bike?
Is it a good cardio machine?


If you want to exercise with ease and if the cheap price does not bother you, then, Exerpeutic 900xl is one of the best recumbent bikes you can buy. It is very simple, very basic, no nonsense but a powerful tool to assist you on losing weight and getting fit. It will certainly do the job it was built for.


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Great Exercise Machine, Awesome Price! You’ll never go wrong with an Exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike!

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