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When your job requires sitting for a long period of time, there are risks in your health that you are not aware of. Sitting for a long time will affect or interrupt the circulation of the blood in your lower body especially your feet. This could lead to a serious condition. Now, technology has a way to give resolution to this problem and to offer options for people whose job requires sitting in front of the computer all day.

There are many reasons why we can’t afford to go to the gym to exercise or even to do it anytime in our home. Not just because we are too busy in our work on the computer, but also, it will take you too much time out of your busy hours. When you have the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike With Massage, you can now exercise daily and maintain your weight.

Basing on the fitdesk 2.0 review, this spin bike allows you to work while exercising and still getting the complete benefits that you will get in the gym or go out for a bike ride. Let’s check the features why.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike Review

fitdesk 2.0 reviews

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Adjustable desk

The nonslip surface desk measure 16” x 19” and it comes with a storage drawer and performance drawer. You can put your phone, pens, earphones, music players and etc on the storage drawer. The performance meter is easy to read.

It tracks your range, how long you spend on the bike and it records how many calories you have lost during the session. These features allow you to work on your laptop while biking. So, it saves you time and at the same time, you lose calories while working.

Compact and stable frame design

It is well balanced for stability while working out. You can also easily fold the bike for easy storage and it will only occupy very little space. There is also a resistance band, so, when you are not typing, you can have an upper body exercise. You can ensure that you will have a cardio workout with this Fitdesk exercise bike.

Massage roller and upper body support

While you rest your arms, the armrest is equipped with massage rollers. It gives you a feeling of comfort and support while working on your computer whole day.

Adjustable padded seat with backrest

The seat with the backseat allows you to exercise sitting with your back straight. Your laptop will be placed securely on a non-slip desk with a belt on it.


Which is made of steel, so you are sure of its durability. The high velocity Flywheel is lightweight that you will be pedaling noiselessly and it feels as if you are riding a big bike. You won’t be distracted by the noise of pedaling and vibrations.

What We Like
  • The FitDesk exercise spin bike does not move when you ride it since it has a solid, stable frame that is built to hold in place and provides comfort with no distracting noise due to pedaling.
  • The Fitdesk is very practical for a busy person because it will not cost you time and money on going to gym just to maintain a healthy and physically fit body.
  • Exercise while you work. Where could you find it? Only in Fitdesk exercise bike.
  • The compact features allow you to fold it in a smaller shape, so, it saves you space, and the wheels offer easy transport.
What We Do Not Like
  • It doesn’t have an extra seat cushion. But the seat is large enough so can settle your bottom comfortably.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Question: Is this spin bike can give you an effect like an intense workout could? 

Answer: Yes. This bike will give you an effect of an intense workout depending on how long you pedal and the intensity of your riding. You will sweat like you have just gone out on a road bike or from the gym, so you will lose calories like you have just an intense workout.

Question: Does the desktop get in the way when you want to watch tv?

Answer: Based on most fitdesk 2.0 reviews, the desk does not get in the way, in fact, it is very functional because you can use it when you want to take notes while watching tv.

Question: Is this bike fit and comfortable for someone who is 5’ only?

Answer: The seat is adjustable, so you can adjust it where you will be comfortable enough. Or if you need extra help with the adjustments, you can contact their customer service. They will be willing to assist you.

Final Verdict

The FitDesk v2.0 desk Exercise bike with the Massage Bar is a very innovative invention that is very functional for anyone who wants to be physically fit every time. The price that you will pay for this exercise bike is just a cent if you consider all the benefits that your body can get with this superb indoor exercise bike.

It is good for your health, it is functional, durable and easy to store and transport. With this bike, you can do your work or watch tv while doing your workout. Keeping your body healthy will not be a hassle anymore with this new FitDesk v2.0 exercise bike.

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