Fitness Reality Tre2500 Folding Electric Treadmill – Review

Our Review: 8.6

Looking to improve your fitness level and need a new Treadmill to achieve your goal? Time has arrived to read our exact Fitness Reality Tre2500 Folding Electric Treadmill review that will assist in buying the ideal product. TRE2500 treadmill is suited to carry out rigorous workouts and achieve a speed up to 5mph. In simple words, attaining toned muscles, an awesome looking body shape and reduction in body fat will not be a dream anymore.

Fitness Reality Tre2500 is perfectly designed for real people who love to keep their body in good shape. Achieving a healthy lifestyle and burning those extra calories will never be an issue if you invest your hard earned money on this product. Spending time on the treadmill is extremely beneficial as compared to outdoor activities as here you are not required to take a step out of your home and the equipment comes with shock absorption features. Enjoy your TV, listen to your favorite songs and don’t worry about harsh weather conditions outside as TRE2500 treadmill will make it possible to exercise in the home.

Fitness Reality Tre2500 – Review

Fitness Reality Tre2500 -Folding-Electric-Treadmill

Product Description

This particular treadmill is best known for compact size and extremely effective foldable design. Most of the users do have positive words to share regarding excellent goal setting computer fixed in the equipment. You are served with awesome looking blue LED- lit display covering numerous tough calculations like current speed, burned calories, distance covered and elapsed time. The exact dimensions of the running belt are 13*40 inches and we can say the size is not adequate for overweight individuals. Still, the product is sturdy and can easily handle 220 pounds of user weight.

TRE2500 treadmill is suited to carry out rigorous workouts and achieve a speed up to 5mph. In simple words, attaining toned muscles, an awesome looking body shape and reduction in body fat will not be a dream anymore.

Product Features

  • More often than not people with smaller flats and living rooms find it really hard to accommodate a treadmill and left disappointed due to lack of proper fitness activities. However, the situation has changed a lot after the arrival of fitness reality Tre2500 folding electric treadmill as it folds up swiftly. Users are just asked to lift back part and the availability of transport wheels will allow them to shift treadmill from one location to another.
  • The treadmill is mainly designed for jogging and walking activities. Don’t use it for running as it can only reach a maximum speed of 5mph.
  • The presence of 4 quick speed buttons will assist in achieving swift speed adjustments. Time and distance are the two workout goal settings that you can gain with TRE2500 treadmill.
  • Another impressive feature of the treadmill is an efficient and quiet motor. When you perform on the treadmill, there is no disturbance for others and even you can enjoy music or TV.
  • Apart from the quiet motor, the handlebars are quite comfy and convenient. You do have nice support on both sides thus resulting in adequate stability and balance while you walk on the treadmill.
  • Designers have also added two accessory or water bottle holders to hold stuff like a water bottle and accessories like a mobile phone. These holders are present on both sides of the display thus making them highly approachable.
  • Just like other standard treadmills, even with Tre2500, you will find safety clip which you can pull to deal with an emergency situation.
  • Assembling the product is not demanding especially when you have the right tools at your disposal.  Entire assembly instructions are shipped along with the product thus making the job lot more convenient.


We have already mentioned regarding the low cost of the treadmill but still, the manufacturers are offering 3 years warranty, making it risk-free for the consumer.

Small Drawbacks

Till now, we have mostly focused on positive aspects of The Fitness Reality Tre2500 but there are minute aspects of concerns which should be taken care of.

  • First of all, you can’t adjust the incline automatically or even manually. The product comes with fixed incline thus forcing you to walk or jog at one angle.
  • The second major drawback is the lack of pulse rate sensors as well stuff like ODOmeter and Scan.

However, these are advanced options and in order to achieve them, you need to consider higher and expensive treadmill options. Without any doubt, we can’t complain a lot about lacking advanced options as the treadmill is highly affordable and does not create a huge hole in your pocket. Even at such low prices treadmill, the company has made every possible effort to provide users with an efficient and long last fitness machine.

Final Verdict

Fitness Reality Tre2500 Folding Electric Treadmill is an exceptional fitness product to own especially when you have some restrictions like low budget and small available space. With this particular treadmill, you can easily achieve your entire fitness goals and lead a healthy life. Gone are the days, when you were asked to invest huge money just for the sake of owning a treadmill. Fitness Reality Tre2500 will fit your budget by all means and does not require a lot of space at home.

There is nothing like an application of tough rocket science in order to assemble the product and inclusion of features like blue LED-lit display and goal setting computer system only makes treadmill first choice for many. Guys, who still have many doubts regarding the product, need to check out ratings and take a demonstration. You will not be disappointed a bit as there is plenty to gain and nothing to lose. It is all about investing a little money on your health and fitness goals, and life will become walk in the park. Don’t waste a moment and get the ultimate Fitness Reality Tre2500 in your own home right now!

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