Giordano Libero 2.0 Review – Men’s Road Bikes Review – 2017

A popular name in manufacturing entry-level road bikes, Giordano also goes further with some other models. The 2017 model of Giordano Libero 2.0 is the next step of the quality entry-level road bike 1.6 and comes with a lot more to offer the users for just a little more money. This road bike is designed to offer the features found on bikes costing more than $1000 while being under the price point.

This version of the men’s road bike from Giordano is just like a hidden secret in the world of road bikes. It is a mid-range bike which offers optimum performance while costing much less than it should.

Giordano Libero 2.0 Review

Giordano libero 2.0 review

Our Rating: 9

Giordano Libero 2.0 is one of the finest road bikes one can find under $800. For those who are looking for an ideal upgrade to entry-level bike, this model is a perfect choice.

Giordano Libero 2.0 – Top Features

It is strange that the brand offers so many features in a bike at such a low price. However, this is logical. The components and the frame are normal quality without any deficiencies.

  • Libero 1.6 is a fantastic choice for an entry-level bike but this latest model is designed to furnish the major aspects of the preceding version to present a bike which is better in every way. The difference can be felt when riding on the road and certainly, Libero 2.0 offers some benefits never before found in this price range.
  • The aluminum frame in Libero 2.0 is the same as the ones found in other Giordano bikes but has a unique advantage of the carbon fork. Though this combination is a known feature, it comes for under $1000. The user gets the rigidity and response of an aluminum frame combined with weight savings and shock absorption of the carbon fork.
  • The stance of this bike is intended for commuting and fitness purposes and perfect for recreational riding. However, if you are interested in race-specific stance, it is possible to adjust the saddle position. The stance is quite comfortable anyways.
  • The drivetrain is powered by Shimano Sora Series Components. Consisting of the cassette, crank, shifters, and derailleurs, the drivetrain combines with the parts from the same series to enable the bike to offer precise shifting with all its 18 gears.
  • Levers in Libero 2.0 are placed comfortably and the response is excellent. The braking system is not the best one can find but better than any affordable entry-level bike can offer.
  • A huge upgrade from the 1.6 version, the wheelset is a combination of durable, rigid, light Vitesse alloy rims and Kenda Black Road Clincher Tires. They offer a considerable amount of traction and grip and durability to withstand bumps on the road.
  • Seating components are quite comfortable and this is surprising because the saddle is often a complaint with bikes under $2000. The stock alloy Seatpost offers considerable adjustability and features a Velo saddle with sensible shape and the right amount of padding for long commuting and fitness rides.

Bringing all these features together, Libero 2.0 makes a powerful road bike priced just a little above a standard entry-level bike.

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What We Like


  • With so many positive aspects and powerful features, it is hard to figure out things that are really impressive. However, if we had to be concise, it would be the bike’s carbon fork. What makes this feature so unique is that getting carbon fiber fork on a cheap bike like this is really exceptional. It is a big plus and anybody would notice it in the first place.
  • Another noteworthy plus is the Shimano Sora Drivetrain components which ensure fast-acting shift system delivering excellent command over a range of gears so that everything from climbing to high speeds is handled efficiently.
  • One more impressive thing about this road bike is the above-average wheelset that makes sure that you can use it for years without considering an upgrade.
What We Do Not Like


  • Though it is unjust to find something wrong with a bike offering so much for so less, we have tried to find out some tiny aspects that we did not like. While the bike offers a more than enough seating system, it has a little heavy seatpost and it is possible to find better positioning in a superior model.
  • Another concern is the ignorance of pedal aspect in this bike. The basic alloy/plastic pedals indicate that the brand completely ignored pedals. They have no straps or cage either.
  • For a bike so good, it would have been desirable to have some toe cages.


If you are really serious about biking and have an entry-level bike, Giordano Libero 2.0 is a sensible choice to maintain your budget. For those who want to buy an entry-level bike, this one is worth buying and one that you can keep for years to come. The combination of fork, frame, and components in Libero 2.0 is the best that you can find for a cheap model as this. You will surely love this road bike for everything!

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