Guide On Proper Spin Bike Positions

spin-bike-positionsHere are the proper spin bike positions you should follow

The proper spin bike positions is very important before you begin pedaling your bike. These positions are basic and used by professionals. Bike instructors usually lead a step by step exercise by which every step uses proper body positions. When they are not following the proper positioning, the rider will not get the desired condition and will get injured instead. Every rider has different body types and height. In each type, there is a proper position to make the rider comfortable but still reach the aimed result.

When you are doing the proper form or positioning in spin cycling, you will be able to target the exact muscles that need to be toned. If you are doing the bad posture as they described it, you can injure your lower back, can have cramps in toes and legs. Keep in mind, that every exercise, every move, and the position has its own purpose of achieving.

Spin Bike Body positions

Seated flat

This is the normal sitting position which simulates the relaxed position of the rider on the bike while treading the flat road. Here set your butt flat on the seat and put resistance on the spin bike so that the muscles of your lower extremities will be challenged. In this position, your upper body is weighing down on the saddle. When you start to ride on your spinning bike, it’s just like riding a road bike. Adjust the seat depending on the length of your leg. Put the pedal on a six o’clock position, then have your other leg bent on the a25-35 degree.

While the other leg is at its exact length from your hips to the pedal. Make sure that you reach the pedal, if not, adjust the seat. Put the heel straight down on the pedal and extend your leg. Now that you are in a position, transfer your toes on the pedal, since it is your heel at the first step. See to it that the area below your knee is in line with the tip of your toe.

Standing run

This position simulates the rider running a bike without sitting on the saddle. Here you have to put sufficient resistance on the spin bike because the resistance will counterbalance your body while you are standing. Avoid burdening your arms with your upper body weight instead keep your standing balance by putting your weight on the pedals while spinning them.

Hovering over the saddle

here you will be pedaling the spin bike while your butt is lifted over the seat. Your body is curled forward and your arms are stretched to the handle. The resistance of the spin bike will be used to counterbalance the pedaling action of the rider. Here the spine and the head are leaned forward and parallel with each other. When you do this position, do not drop your chin so that you can breathe properly through your nose.

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Spin Bike Hand positions

First-Hand position

Cup your hands together and reach out the handlebar. Rest your hand gently on the handle and relax the shoulders of your body. Release the tension of your shoulder blades and all the upper body muscles.

Second-hand position

Like in normal riding you will stretch your arms and hold the handle bar of the bike. This time holds the handle bar with your knuckles facing forward, but the distance between your hands should wider.

Third-hand position

This position is applicable when you are standing as if you are riding on a hill or climbing. The position of your hands here is on the top of the handles so, not very comfortable when sitting. It may strain your back. In this position, you will keep your shoulder properly aligned with your arm while putting your hand on the vertical part of the handlebars while your thumb reaches the top of the tip. Relax your upper body by slightly bending your elbows.


Riding your spin bike is not just like riding without a purpose. If you aim to tone muscles and keep your body fit, there are rules and proper positioning that you must follow. Even into road biking, bikers has techniques in positioning their hands and body while riding. This is to reduce body stress and to achieve fast and the best result.

If you got the best indoor spin bike for home use, learn how to use it effectively, so that you will not waste your time riding and just end up tiring and hurting yourself. But do not stress your in following the right spinning positions, you have to do it naturally and master it, so that every time you sit in your spin bike, you will enjoy your time and surely have the body that you are aiming for.

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