HCG Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Phases Explained

The HCG Diet plan was introduced by Dr. A.T.W Simeons back in the 50s when he was working in India to try and understand the relation between starvation and obesity. What he eventually came up with, has been passed down the annals of time as a tried and tested means of rapid weight loss without any harmful health hazards.

I’m sure a lot of you out there are skeptical of this, because although you want to believe that there is one such technique which would definitely work, you’ve tried out so many experimental techniques that it feels like you’re just married to your weight. However, that is not true, and you shouldn’t lose faith. With Dr. Simeon’s technique almost all his patients could rapidly lose fat cells due to mobilized lipids. If you follow a regular diet or simply jog every day, it is nice to think that you’d be able to lose the weight, and maybe you would, but the change would be so painfully slow that most people tend to break the cycle before any discernible changes even come up.

hcg diet plan - hcg hormones

The HCG diet restricts your calorie intake and regularly involves injecting HCG hormones. This HCG hormone is nothing to be worried about, it isn’t like taking steroids, in fact, it is a hormone which is naturally developed in pregnant women and helps with weight loss. It can even out hormonal imbalances, reduce muscle loss and even make you feel less hungry. Nevertheless, there are many products in the market that are not good so be careful and do a thorough research before you choose your HCG hormones.

HCG Diet Plan Phases

While Dr. Simeon didn’t frame his plan in terms of phases, subsequent users found that doing so makes it a lot simpler to follow. So here is a quick overview of the three Phases of HCG Diet Plan.

HCG Diet Plan Phase1 – 2 Days

Also known as loading phase, this is an extremely important first step, and the other steps are not nearly as effective if you skip out on this. However, this phase might seem deceptively unnecessary. But under no circumstances should you skip it. It involves a high calorie and fat intake for about 2 days straight. As a result, the body would try and deposit new fat cells, though the hormones you take would make that impossible.

So, instead of being stored, the fats will be mobilized. Once the plan starts, these lipids and fats would lead to an extremely fast discharge of fat cells and you may even experience a 10-pound loss in weight within 2 to 3 days. However, it is imperative that you keep taking the HCG injections, or drops, and don’t stop until the very end of the regimen.

HCG Diet Plan Phase2 – 60 Days

This is quite challenging as a phase, as it limits the calorie intake to just about 500 to 700 a day, which might seem really less, but is enough for sustenance if you eat right. You are encouraged to consume mostly lean proteins in the form of fish and chicken. The breakfast should comprise only tea and coffee, with a healthy lunch and dinner.

This needs to be continued for a period of 60 days, and you might experience a weight loss of about 50 pounds or more. The first week or so in this phase would make you drop weight like hot plates, but eventually, the rate would slow down and even out, though you can still expect to lose 0.5 pounds a day if you keep to the regimen laid out.

HCG Diet Plan Phase3 – 23 Days

This is everyone’s favorite phase and often comes as a relief after almost two months. The calorie intake is returned to 1200 to 1500 a day, though you are still encouraged to restrict fat and milk intake. This phase is often called the “Stability” phase, and the HCG intake is stopped.

This phase involves the expulsion of all the HCG within a 23 day period, and it is crucial for you to maintain your weight. Some people even continue losing weight in this phase. And once you are done with your 23 day period, you can return to phase one, and continue the HCG plan to see even stronger results!

So these are the overview of the three phases of the HCG plan. There are different variations that are followed. So before you start with your HCG diet plan do a thorough research and stick to the plan and diet that you have decided. If you do try it on for size, be sure to carry it to the end, and keep us informed by regularly commenting down below. Let us know how it works for you, and what are the changes you notice. We’d love to hear from you!


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