Health Benefits Of Recumbent Exercise Bike for Seniors

Health Benefits Of Recumbent bike for Seniors

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In cycling, there are different types of bikes that you can choose. For people who loves adventure, road biking is always the best for them. But if you are a person who prefers an easy workout indoor, an indoor spin bike is ideal for them.

For the indoor spin bike, we have the Upright exercise bike and the recumbent bike to choose from. If you are a healthy and active person who just loves to stay fit and workout indoor while still getting the feeling of road biking, an Upright bike is perfect for you.

But for older bikers who still didn’t give up on having a regular spinning, a recumbent bike for seniors is recommended. Why? It is because, recumbent bikes more comfortable to ride than the upright bike. But you still get the same cardio workout that you will get from an upright bike.

The recumbent exercise bike has a lot of benefits for an older person who suffered conditions that are common to their age. Even the long time biker who has grown old and encounter problems in their neck and back are not comfortable riding an upright bike anymore. So, they now prefer a recumbent bike where their back is supported, and their neck is not stressed.

Check out the other benefits of Recumbent bike for seniors

Even older people need to exercise to maintain their health and mental acuity. So choosing the right exercise equipment that fits their age and condition is crucial. Why is Recumbent bike is recommended for seniors?  Check out the reasons below.

Easy on your joints

The design of the recumbent bike makes pedaling so easy and comfortable for an older person. On this bike, the peddles is set in front of you. It is easy to pedal that you don’t have to put extra pressure or stress on your hips, knees, ankles, feet and joints. Thus, making the session less pain and longer time for you to workout.

Lower to the ground

An adult is better off with a recumbent bike because in an upright bike they have to stand on one pedal and swing the other leg to the other pedal just to position themselves. For an older person whose bones are too weary and, movements are too slow, it will cost them so much effort and time. While the recumbent bike is lower to the ground so it is easy for them to the position. Saving them from possible joint pains and injury.

Lower Back Support

The recumbent bike has a bucket seat that provides support in your lower back. So this is ideal for older people who usually experience back pains. While you are in the riding position and your lower back is supported, you still maintain the proper posture so no worries for back pain or shoulder pain.

Large Bucket seat

upright bikes have a hard bike saddle while recumbent bikes have a large, soft bucket seat. So, even riding for a longer time, you will not experience saddle sore.

Easy to adjust

In a recumbent bike, the rider sits down and just pull down or turns a handle to loosen the seat, then slide the seat to his desired position then tightened the knob. While in Upright bikes, you need to adjust the saddle up or down by pulling out the pin and re-tightening the pin that can be very complicated for an older person.

Varieties of workout options

Recumbent bikes also offer several workout options that will suit your needs or condition. You can choose from a simple level riding program that is ideal for elderly people, to a more extreme program if you think you can still handle it.


So that’s it! When you think that your body can’t handle stress and pressure anymore like you used to when you are still young, maybe it is time to change the type of your spin bike. The Recumbent bike is best for seniors. With this bike, you can still continue to workout even though you already have issues in your joints, neck, and back.

Recumbent bikes are designed specifically designed to provide comfort to those riders whose primary concern is to workout without experiencing pain or worsening their existing discomfort due to old age. When you are getting old, it doesn’t mean that you just now sit and relax all day. It is vital to move and do some exercise for you to have a healthy heart.

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