How to Choose Spinning Shoes – You Need To Know

How to Choose Spinning Shoes

Cycling is one of the famous workouts today due to its healthy benefits and enjoyable style. Whether you are spinning indoor or your are road biking, the shoes should be a part of your gear. Because when you are spin cycling, wearing, the right shoes contribute big time to your pedalling efficiency and the length of your workout.  Spinning shoes are designed for spin classes to provide safety, comfort and efficient movement throughout the pedal stroke.

So, before going to a spin class or before hopping on your spin bike at home, make sure that you are wearing the shoes that will add comfort and will not cause distractions during the workout session. Stop wearing your athlete shoes when you are spinning. There is a proper shoe that is made for that workout. Wearing the right shoes ensures proper ventilation and a perfect fit for every movement. The spinning shoes are designed differently from other shoes.

How to choose the proper shoes for spinning? Easy. Continue reading and I will give you the important things to remember before buying a pair of shoes for spinning. Choosing the best cycling shoes also involve some factors. These are the cleats and the pedals. As you go along with this article, you will know that without the other, one is not that effective.

Things to consider before buying your spinning shoes

Pedal system
If you check the pedals of your spin bike, you will see that there is a clip to allow the riders to clip their shoes and cleats to the pedals. This is to secure the foot while pedalling and keep it from slipping or tipping. A spin bike is created with compatibility to an SPD cleats. But, there are also spin bikes that are equipped with the optional sided trio pedals which make them compatible to both SPD cleats and LOOK Delta cleats. The clipless pedals or the “clip-in” or “step-in” pedals are purposely designed for you to pedal as strongly as possible. Always check your spin bike or ask the seller type of pedals of the spin bike so you will know what kind of cleats to buy. Take note, high quality of spinning shoes includes a clipping system.
The fit
If you are going to buy a spin shoes, choose the size that is half to a full inch bigger than your original size. It is to allow breathability and to have space for your toes to wiggle. As you pedal longer, every movement of your feet will push your toes to the tip of the shoes. This can cause discomfort and soreness in your toes. Wearing a shoe which is a little bit bigger will allow your toes to have enough space inside the shoes and to have an extra room for your toes provides your feet more comfort. With the right fit of your spin shoes, you can go hours for hours spinning without distraction from discomfort.
The right cleat
Always check for the cleats and choose the one that will attach to your spinning shoes correctly and will allow you to clip into the pedal of your bike. The cleat is an important tool to have the best spin shoes. The pedals, cleats and shoes, works together for you to have an efficient pedalling experience. There are different designs of cleats that you can choose, and they are sold separately from cycling shoes.

How to determine the best cycling shoes for men and women

Cycling shoes are not the same for men and women. When you buy spinning shoes, there are factors that you should consider. One factor to consider is the gender of the user. For women’s cycling shoes, they have the narrower width than men, and they have a higher arch. If you are a female, choose the shoes that specially designed for women. For men, their shoes have a wider width since their feet are naturally wider. However, there are men whose feet are slim, so, they can wear a woman’s shoes.

Final word

Now you know that indoor cycling shoes play a big part in your spinning experience. Wearing the right kind of shoes and the perfect compatibility of shoes with the cleats and the pedals are the key factors to have an effective spinning session. So, if you buy a spin spinning shoes in a bike shop, ask if cleats are included and if they will install them for you without charge. Another thing the important thing is, also the type of pedal system of your spin bike.

So there you have it! Remember, shoes, pedals and cleats work together. Spinning is a great cardio exercise for everyone and you can make it more fun, comfortable and effective if you have the proper gear. If you have chosen the spin bike to be your workout tool, then consider also preparing the right shoes for the exercise.

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