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Gone are the days when trees and its strong branches worked as durable exercise machines for children to engage in for adventure sports like tree climbing. These natural play areas died out with advances in technology, and children ended up slumped in couches, facing a television set or computer screens. The only exercise they ended up getting was building strong finger muscles (while using game controls) or getting on their feet for a quick sprint to the toilet and back. This kind of inactivity has made way for staggering levels of obesity in children, most prevalent in developed nations.  Today kids are trained at an early age to be fit and healthy so that they won’t fall prey to the evil hands of illness and disease. Indoor gyms are one of the most popular choices to keep kids active and healthy, from the early years onwards. Read further to understand why it is important to have Indoor Gym Equipment for kids and the Home Gym equipment’s that are available for kids.

Indoor Gym Equipment for kids – Home Gym

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Research and studies have shown that daily, vigorous exercises can keep children fit and healthy. “It’s clear the activity is good for kids,” was what lead author of a research program conducted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Naiman A Khan had to say. His team used 220 children aged eight and nine, half of which were put on a rigorous nine-month after-school exercise regime, and the other half with no activities. The study showed a significant difference between the two groups, proving the positive effects of exercise.

While schools continue to encourage physical and sports activities into their curriculum, the need for engaging children in exercises and movement has become a matter of community interest. Indoor gyms are gaining popularity nowadays and more and more families are entrusting their children in the hands of trained professionals, or within secure, exercise arenas.

Indoor Gym setup for kids provides a great cardiovascular workout on those days when it’s too cold or wet to play outside or your child can become your exercise companion as you do your own bike workout keeping them close by so you can keep an eye on them. Mini gym bikes are a fun and safe way for a child to exercise their lower body using a familiar piece of equipment.

The most important thing in a kid’s gym is ensuring that the equipment used is safe and child-friendly. Children are prone to accidents, in their excitement and haste to play. In order to avoid any mishaps, gyms are usually facilitated with padded surfaces.

 Indoor Gym Equipment for kids – Available in Market

Facilitating the indoor gyms with suitable equipment is the primary concern. Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities for children of all ages with a bike being an important toy and mode of transportation. It makes sense then, that stationary indoor exercise bikes for children are one of the more favored forms of kid size home gym equipment. Many gyms focus on the regular cardio and fitness products such as exercise bikes, treadmills, hydraulic exercise machines, junior cardio machines and so on.

Listed below are few Indoor Gym equipment for kids that are available in the market.

Fitness X5 Kids Upright Exercise Bike

This is an exercise bike that can be used as Indoor Gym equipment for kids. The X5 Kids Upright Bike provides a comfortable and effective aerobic workout supported by a strong robust design and stable and safe platform. The flywheel freewheels when the user stops pedaling, limiting the injury possibility. This Stationary cycling offers a cardiovascular and strength-building exercise that increases your kid’s metabolic rate for more effective calorie and fat burning. This is a quality bike that will keep your kids stay healthy and well right in the comfort of your own home gym.

Redmon Fitness Exercise Equipment for kids

Indoor Gym Equipment for Kids - Air WalkerIndoor Gym Equipment for Kids - TwisterIndoor Gym Equipment for Kids - bikeIndoor Gym Equipment for Kids - rowerIndoor Gym Equipment for Kids - threadmillIndoor Gym Equipment for Kids - weight bench

This Indoor Gym equipment for kids is kid sized and safe to use. There are six different kinds of Redmon fitness equipment’s available like air walker, twister,  bike, multi-functional rower, treadmill and weight bench set as shown above. The cool thing about having kid-sized equipment is that the kids can play at being just like mom or dad while burning of all the extra energy that children have. All these equipment are impact free, safe and child-friendly to use. Check here for their prices and reviews.

Few Others indoor gym equipment for kids give a more traditional and holistic approach, getting children involved in play-oriented, comfortable and fun exercise methods. Trampolines,  indoor playground sets, punching bags, ring and trap combos, trapeze bars, climbing ropes, swinging ropes, climbing ladders, plastic rings, gymnastic rings, swings, basketball baskets, and so on.

At the end of the day, the “how” doesn’t matter as long as the “what” is fulfilled. The play is important for a child’s development, both physical and mental, and as a parent or caretaker, it is our responsibility to help encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle for our children. Check here for Indoor exercise bikes for adults.

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