Kettler Giro GT Review – Does It Worth The Money

Kettler is one of the famous names in the market in the line of sports techs and bicycles. And one of its new released is the Kettler Giro Programmable Cycling Trainer. It is now creating a name in sports techs for its simple design, but complete with tools and features that give a recommendable performance.

Continue reading this best spinning bike review, to know, what is the edge of this Kettler’s trainer bike among the others.

One edge of the Kettler Giro GT cycling trainer is; it is not expensive compared to another cycling bike. But its cheap price does not affect its quality and performance. In fact, it features all that an expensive model possesses.

The Kettler Giro GT is a programmable bike and equipped with a magnetic resistance. And the best thing about it is, it gets its power from the energy you produce as you pedal during your workout. This power is used to operate the computer and its resistance system.

It is well built and sturdy like those expensive models are bragging about. So, if you are planning to get yourself an indoor trainer bike, keep on reading and learn what are the assets of this bike that you should consider.

Kettler Giro GT Review 

Kettler Giro GT Review

12 Programs with 32 adjustable intensity levels

In which you can choose your preferred level of intensity, the hill profiles, the graphics, to make your workout more realistic while keeping your eyes entertained.

But one important purpose of this featured app is to aid your workout to achieve your targeted distance and speed. And in this way, it will give you the motivation to continue until you hit that goal.

LCD Black-Lit blue electronic computer

Kettler-Giro-monitorThis informative feature displays your range or your distance as you start your pedaling. It also monitors your speed, the rate per minute, heart rate and the energy used during the workout.

The heart rate control program keeps track by reading your pulse and adjust the resistance level to target the required rate. It is measured by the telemetry hand grip or thru the ear clip sensor. Meaning, the harder you grip, the faster your heart rate.

Motor-Controlled magnetic resistance system

Most of the Kettler giro GT review, the 32 adjustable intensity levels will enable you to choose which level that is ideal for your targeted weight loss. This feature is one of the most appreciated in Kettler giro get cycle trainer bike.

40-Pound Flywheel

This enables the Giro GT cycle trainer to be smooth, noiseless and efficient during your workout. While pedaling your way to a physically fit body, you will not be disturbed by squeaking sounds from the flywheel. You can concentrate on your workout without disturbing others.

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What We Like
  • The Kettler Giro GT review concluded that the Giro GT cycle trainer bike is one of the least expensive spinning bikes, but one of the most highly recommended for indoor training workouts due to its durability and innovative features.
  • Its tube is made up of a steel frame and the super heavy flywheel ensures stability and a smooth ride.
  • This cycling bike is ideal for those who are saving energy at home since this indoor bike only uses the energy you produce as you are pedaling to power up the system.
  • It is equipped with a magnetic resistance system that holds up a challenging resistance without causing friction. And it’s very comfortable to sit on since the seat is padded thickly. You can also adjust the height so, it is really designed for your comfort and effective workout.
What We Do Not Like
  • Covering and connecting the wirings for the computer can be a little bit tricky. But once you have finished it, you are ready to go.
  • Finding your perfect fit on the first use can be challenging on the first use, but once you found your fit, it is very comfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the resistance controlled by the computer and does it also measure the wattage?

Ans: Yes, the computer controls the levels of resistance, but it does not measure then wattage.

2. Is it okay to stand while pedaling as if you’re climbing a hill?

Ans: Yes, the bike can stand it as most of the spin cycle reviews proved it.

3. How to adjust the resistance? Is it thru buttons or the LCD screen?

Ans: you can adjust it thru the button below the LCD screen.

The Verdict

The Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer is not only affordable, but it offers effective and positive results after a continuous workout. Even to its low price, this bike is equipped with the features that are very functional and certainly designed to keep you comfortable during the workout.

You can rely on its sturdiness and stability, so no matter how intense your workout can be, you will go smoothly and no wobbling of the machine. Great for the home for and gym for its power saving ability.

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