Lifecycle GX Review – Future Of Home Spinning Bike

Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group Exercise Bike with Console is nowhere for the satisfaction of customers seeking for quality spin bikes. This is manufactured by Life Fitness, which is the company that has brought the original Lifecycle exercise bike.

Lifecycle GX is biomechanically designed and has been tested by the manufacturer before it went out to the market, therefore you can assure that it can endure well for long hours of use and will give a satisfactory feeling for the rider.

Based on the Life Fitness Lifecycle GX review, this bike has a complete feature perfectly designed for their delicate taste and needs. It is so because it is made by the in-house biomechanics of the manufacturer’s team who studied the human interaction towards fitness machines, therefore because of this critical analysis they come up with innovations that will help the natural inclination of man when are using spin bikes, and one of this innovation is this Lifecycle GX. It is classy and also low in maintenance.

Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group Exercise Bike Review

Lifecycle GX Review

Steel frame robotically welded

there are companies using robotic welding to lower their cost when it comes to labor. The good thing about robotic welding is that it welds the frame of the bike with precision when it comes to strength of joining the metals. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the strength of your bike’s frame because it is surely sturdy because it is made by a robot.

With brake resistance system which is dual-magnetic

Magnetic brake system is slowly defeating direct-contact brakes as being most common resistance application used in spin bikes today. Magnetic braking systems make flywheel resistance through a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction. This induction creates an exact braking of the flywheel without direct contact. All magnetic brake type spinning bikes are very quiet unlike direct-contact brakes.

Belt Drive, which is multi-Ribbed

With multi- ribbed belt drive the ride with this bike is quieter and will cost you less when it comes to maintenance. The belt used here can withstand great heat and pressure and is made of high quality that it can last longer than chain type drive.

SPD pedals (dual -sided)

This means Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. SPD systems design of clip less pedals. This kind was released by Shimano in 1990. But on this bike the SPD system is added with straps so that the biker will not have any chances of slipping off the pedal while biking.

Built-In Advance Technology

With computer consoles determining the speed, resistance, cadence, heart rate, calories, and distance, almost all bikers nowadays wants high class stationary bikes where they could see their improvement when it comes to speed, distance and elapsed time. What more is that here you could also see your heart rate therefore it can warn you if you’re having too much strain so that you can regulate your pacing.

What We Like
  • This bike is very smooth to spin you will feel it immediately from the first rotation of the pedal.
  • Using the computer console you can monitor your speed, and time details as well as your burned calories
  • The sound of the belt drive is smooth and quiet. You can ride and watch your favorite movie in DVD without being bothered by the sounds. You can also make conversation with anyone while using this bike because you can clearly hear the voice of the other.
  • You will not slip your shoes because the pedals have dual sided straps.
  • It doesn’t have the heart rate strap, but the computer amazingly supports it.
What We Do Not Like
  • You might be put off by the arrangement of the handlebar. Also, the adjustment mechanism of the seat looks like a lightweight.

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Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group Indoor Bike

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1. could I put a laptop on top of the console (on top of the bars) without it sliding off?

Answer: Of course, although that will depend on your laptop, its detentions and size. This bike is really stable; there are plenty of places to support it, I am sure you will figure a way for it. But I am not sure If I could put my expensive computer there.

Q: 2. Do they provide in-home assembly or does it come pretty much assembled?

Answer: They don’t do home assembly.

Q: 3. how is the sound of the machine?

Answer: this is a terrific bike and wins by less noise. I can watch my favorite movie while am sweating with this spin cycle. So no sound hassles. It is great!

Final verdict

According to the Life fitness lifecycle review, this bike is a highly recommended spin bike. Its most outstanding feature that attracted its customers is the low sounding spinning of the drive train. You will hardly hear any sound which will make you enjoy watching television or listening to music while biking. It has a seat and handlebar adjustments so that you can comfortably fit in with this perfect indoor spinning cycle.

Some customers complained about the cost, but if compared with cheap but low-quality bikes this will surely worth the price you paid and aside from being classy it has good safety features that will take care of you while you are riding with this bike.

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Although this spin bike is little costly but you can depend on its quality. Remember, all Great things come with great price.

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