Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Review – An Exclusive Overview

Keeping your body physically fit can be tiresome and it needs to take some time of your day. So, the fitness analysts of the Marcy brand and experts in terms of fitness training thought of a genius idea.

To create an innovative spin bike for all busy moms, and every fitness enthusiast to still be able to work out even they are busy and can’t afford to leave their home. This invention will enable you to train indoors, but still get the same benefits of a true road biking. Benefits like, toning your muscles, burning your fats and keep you in a good shape. All these, you can now do at the comfort of your own home.

The invention is called the Marcy XJ-3220 club revolution cycle trainer. According to almost all marcy club revolution cycle reviews, this cycle bike can definitely maintain your physique without going to the gym or, going out to jog and walk or ride your bike. It is a workout machine invented for your convenience.

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Review

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Review

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Our Rating: 8.5

The Marcy cycle Trainer bike offers a variety of features that will make your ride comfortable and convenient. With this bike, you can still continue your training even if it rains outside or even in winter. You can keep track of your shape, no matter what the weather is. Check out the other features of this exercise spin bike that could surely change your mind about going out for a road ride.

Smooth Flywheel

The flywheel weighs 40 pounds with an adjustable handlebar. The handle bar is wet-resistant, so, while holding it, your hands will not slip.

Resistant knobs

Your hands will not slip when wet with sweat and it is easy to use plus, it has a water bottle holder. The knobs allow you to adjust the intensity of your ride.

Transport wheels

If ever you decided to transfer your bike’s location, like, from your room to your living room to watch tv, it is easy to transport because of its wheels. You can even put it in your kitchen area so you can ride while waiting for your dish to cook. See? The wheel offers easy transport and mobility.

Padded seat and cage pedals

The seat is padded so it will not strain your buttocks when sitting for a long time.It is also a 4-way adjustable seat that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. And the cage pedals are adjustable and can be used with any type of shoes. You can pedal with ease and can easily maneuver your speed of riding without slipping your feet.

Brake system

The Marcy cycle bike brake system is easy to reach and definitely stops the spinning quickly when you want to.


The frame is made of steel so it is durable and can hold a heavier person which weighs 300 pounds and it will not collapse easily. The frame is also coated with powder finish.


It is equipped with front and rear stabilizers for stability so it will not shake every time you ride. The ride is smooth and noiseless.


It is 41.8 x 32 x 9 inches and 89 pounds in weight that can hold up a 300-pound person.

What We Like
  • In Marcy Club revolution Cycle, you can have the complete effects of outdoor biking even at your home.
  • It will definitely tone your muscle, burn your fats and will keep you in shape when using regularly.
  • It can hold up a 300 pound person
  • The features are designed to make the rider comfortable while cycling.
  • The water bottle handles provide you convenience, so when you are doing your cycling, you don’t need to stop to get water.
  • The Marcy wheels offer easy mobility and storage.
What We Do Not Like
  • The connection between the paddle and bike is not strong enough.

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It is due to some factory defects that the manufacturer will gladly solve this problem for you if you encounter problems like this. It does not apply to all the Marcy exercise bike products. The Marcy spin wheels are durable and made for your satisfaction. So problems will be given the resolution.

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is the Marcy XJ cycle trainer bike equipped with belt mechanism?

Ans: No, it uses a single crank and a bike chain. The resistance is through the felt pad, but it still functions like having the belt drive mechanism. It spins smoothly and noiselessly.

Q.Is this spin bike ideal for a 5’3 height person?

Ans: Yes, it will be fine for that height, just adjust the seat to its lowest. This spin bike is made to last.

Q.How long are the crank arms?

Ans: Crank arm’s length is about 170 mm, so this bike is also ideal for a smaller person.

Final Verdict

The Marcy XJ-3220 club Revolution cycle Trainer is simply made to last long and meet your physical needs for a good exercise. Let’s take it from the marcy club revolution cycle review, it has been proven that this spinning bike is very nice to use for it is quiet and you can adjust it to your desired fit. The spinning bike or the cycle trainer bike has a good stability so, it will not shake when you are riding it.
Maintaining your body in shape will not cost you your time and too much effort.

Because, the Marcy cycle trainer bike is now created for indoor use. Keeping your body sexy is more convenient when you use the Marcy cycle trainer bike. It is surely the best indoor cycle bike for home buddies and busy people who have no time for gyms and road rides. You will never regret your purchase, because, your money will worth the price. Keep your body in shape in the privacy of your own home.

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Durability rivals the quality. Easy to assemble. Highly recommended

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