Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

Our Rating: 8.5

Marcy upright exercise bike is another great innovation of indoor bikes intended for busy but health conscious individuals. The innovator of this bike has considered the need of those people who wanted to balance work and exercise on their daily life.

Exercise is an important need of the body so that it can increase body’s metabolism, which may result to the efficient functioning of internal organs especially the heart and lungs. With this indoor bike, you may exercise like you are biking on the road.

Featuring Marcy upright exercise bike you can now spend your time biking stationary at home. It is wonderfully designed because it mimics the feature of outdoor biking with its adjustable resistance so that you may choose between easy and hard pedaling. When you want to know how are you progressing with your bike exercise you only have to look at the monitor display evenly placed at your front so that you could easily track your time and speed.

According to the Marcy upright mag cycle review, there is no way you cannot appreciate this indoor bike it has all the features you might desire, including the actual feeling of biking on and off road with all the enjoyment you may gain from it.

Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

marcy upright mag cycle review

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Compact design

It is built with the compact design so that you may feel well secured and balanced. Because it is tightly secured you can cast out your worry when riding this bike. This is well built and tested by the manufacturer’s quality control team. Therefore, it can endure the weight of the rider even when he is pedaling fast and doing sudden jerks. In short this is a really tough bike.

Smooth magnetic resistance

With its smooth and magnetic resistance pedaling you may adjust according to your capacity and desired time to stay without burning out your lower extremities. Usually, bikes installed with magnetic resistance will last long because it doesn’t use direct contact resistance which is prone to wear and tear.

Built-in computer console

The large console placed at the front of the time will help the biker track his progress. He may look at his progressing pacing including his time, speed, and distance every moment. Therefore, if you have a weekly program for stationary biking that will limit your speed and time you can easily track it with this bike.

With algorithm for burned calories

Because you wanted to lose weight with this bike, it has added with an algorithm that will calculate your burned calories depending on your progress while pedaling. This is desirable for fat people and those who wanted to maintain their shape because there is a certain calculation of how many calories you have to lose in a day so that you won’t deprive your body some energy that you will need for the day.

Eight level pedal resistance adjuster

Since you want the actual feeling of resistance while biking on the road the designer of this product set up eight manual pedal resistances so that you may choose what level you want from easy to the hardest.

Seat height adjuster

Depending on your height and body type, you may set your desired body using the seat height adjuster. Seat adjuster is very important because you will not endure the long hour- of pedaling when you are inconvenient with your seat. Thus with proper seat height and comfortable upright position you condition yourself to pedal for many hours until you get your desired time for the workout.

Product dimension

It is Measuring 31.5 x 48.75 x 18 inches (W x H x D) with a weight of 43 pounds.

What We Like
It is easy and convenient to use because of its upright positional set up which will avoid any back pain while and after exercising with it. You can track your time speed and distance so that you can either go on or stop depending on your program or on the instructions given to you by your fitness instructor. It is built with transport wheels so that you can move it freely with only less efforts.

It has a seat height adjustment which will help you fit in with the bike conveniently. You can track the progress of your burned calories. This way you can determine the effort you still have to go with the bike. You can exercise indoor using this bike, especially when you don’t have enough time to go outside because of your limited time. It is a cardio exercise that will make you sweat like a fat guy on a bike.

What We Do Not Like
Some complained of the handlebar configuration because it is way out in front like resembling a racing cycle. This way you would either stretch out your arms or take a sit very straight up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1. I am 6’4”, will I fit on it?

Answer: Yes. I’m standing 6’4” also. Every time I used it have to adjust the seat downward. I swear any giant will comfortably sit on this bike. You should go for it if you’re thinking of buying it. I actually used it every day at least 5 miles on record with no back pains or knee pain. It’s flawless for the extremities.

Q: 2. I am 5 feet tall…need to know how low will the seat of this cycle adjust to?

Answer: At the lowest position on the bike, there is about I think one foot from its seat to the low point of the paddle you will find the adjuster. You can easily find it when you have it already.

Q: 3. what is the weight limit on this bike?

Answer: I re-read the bike’s manual, it says the Maximum capacity is 300LBs.

Final verdict

To sum all the Marcy upright mag cycle review, there is one verdict. It is a great indoor bike machine and you can definitely sweat with it and lose many pounds with consistent use. There are some who complain about the handle, but the issue, perhaps, was not on the bike but on the present condition of the user’s body.

A fit person will find this product sturdy and perfect for daily exercise. Just like what one of the customers said, this is perfect for anyone one including individuals standing 6 feet and up, although, you have to consider your size before using it because it has a maximum capacity. Check out the current price on Amazon below.

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8.5 Total Score
Cheap indoor bike with best quality

This bike comes with an amazing price that anyone can afford. But the manufacturer have not compromised with the features.

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