Max Workout Program For High Intensive Workout

Max Workout Program is a strict exercise and work-out regime built up by Shin Otake, a former Japanese Athlete, and coach. This exercise basically focuses on individuals who are either overweight or aren’t in an ideal shape. This focuses on getting such individuals to transform their weight into muscle mass and density. You can lose weight and in the process become really fit as well.

However, this is not for those who are only trying to lose weight. They believe that to achieve the right body you need to combine the right kind of diet with the right exercise regimen. It’s the principle of quantity over quality , as these feature rigorous exercises done for just about 20 minutes 2-3 times a week. This is done to allow your muscles to recover as the sessions are really rigorous. This is also not advisable for Body Builders to use.Max Workout Program

These are some of the things you should be aware of before availing of max workout program:

  • These are short 20-minute exercises to be done 2 or 3 times a week.
  • These are extremely high-intensity workouts which will change your body but you’ll need to be immensely prepared for these, both physically and mentally.
  • These don’t simply burn fat, but in one fell swoop, they also give you balance and stamina, as such increasing your energy.
  • The only equipments you need for these are dumbbells and a stationary bike for the cardio, and as such, they can be performed in your home itself, and generally you don’t need equipment at all as these use your own body weight to exercise.
  • These are heavy duty exercises interspersed with cardio sessions, which is when the Stationary bike would be helpful.
  • Also, you should be careful that you consult your physician before this. These exercises are really stressful so they may exacerbate a heart condition if you have one.
  • You may be able to see the effects of your workout mere weeks or sometimes even days of working out.

Hope you have now understood what is Max Workout Program, what are the advantage of doing it and also the facts you should be aware of before choosing this regimen.  If you plan to go ahead with this  regimen you can download the free ebook from the web or see videos on youtube. But in case you are not comfortable look at the below alternatives that you can choose.

Alternatives To Max Workout Program

However, for those who aren’t keen on these requisites or have other requirements, there is other heavy duty workout sessions available as well, which focus on quality over quantity, thus suitable for a fast-paced lifestyle with little free time. Here’re some alternatives you could look into.

  • Insanity Workout

This is a workout routine meant for those who don’t generally have time to spare for the gym. This helps you achieve a body transformation within 2 months, develop muscles and get rid of body fats. This regimen involves a vast set of exercises to follow on short spurts such as the Plyometric Cardio Circuit to eliminate body fats, to the Abs and Cardio Conditioning, which is the final routine to achieve those perfect Abdominal muscles

  • Body Beast

This is for those who are always eating fast unhealthy food because of a fast lifestyle and thus have no time to spare for a regular workout. These aren’t meant for fat loss or weight gain, these are meant for ultimate muscle mass optimization.

  • PiYo

A combination of Pilates and Yoga, this is ideal for those who want to drop several pounds as quickly as possible. You can lose 24 pounds within two months with these. And as the pounds drop away, your muscle starts toning up, increasing your strength.

  • Les Mills Combat

This is a 60-day workout regimen meant to get you that chiseled and lean look most people lust after. It is mostly based on martial arts techniques and combat moves, and as such you could be killing several birds with one stone — gain the perfect body in quick sessions, while also picking up some cool martial arts skills.

  • Mark Wahlberg Workout

I think it should be fairly self-evident what this aims for going by the name — based on Mark Wahlberg the movie star who is known for his devastatingly good looks combined with muscles and a figure to die for. This is a 5-day routine, done to increase muscle mass rapidly.  This needs to be followed by some heavy lifts and eating well.

Hope this article have given you an idea about Max Workout Program and what are the alternatives to this program. Let us know your feedback on these workout regimens.

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