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Established in Minnesota in 1975 by Edward and Florence Pauls, NordicTrack is a manufacturer of exercise equipment and is renowned for classic ski machine, incline trainers, ellipticals and low-impact exercises. The international brand is owned and run by ICON Health & Fitness and the headquarters is located in Logan, Utah. NordicTrack treadmills are the best-selling brand in the world, and here we deal with the NordicTrack GX 4.7 Review.

They also have a full line of exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. In 2009, the brand came up with an incline trainer which was a special treadmill which can achieve an incline of up to 40%. This home fitness leader is popular and trusted worldwide for the excellent combination of quality and functionality it offers through its product range.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Recumbent Cycle is designed to incorporate various features you would find on a commercial bike at a reasonable price. All those who are looking for a feature-rich cycle that makes your ride as enjoyable and comfortable as possible should consider this version of Norditrack bike. NordicTrack GX 4.7 is one of the few exercise bikes which are compatible with iFit and can provide a number of variations and choices in your exercise regime. It effectively keeps you motivated and avoids any boredom.


The weight and dimensions of the exercise bike are:

Bike weight – 145 lbs

Maximum user weight – 300 lbs

Height – 56.8 inches

Length – 49.8 inches

Width – 25.4 inches

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Review – UPDATED 2018

Nordictrack GX 4.7 Review

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The bike has a comfortable seat with back support and is easy to adjust so as to work conveniently for users with different heights. The step-thru design makes it quite easy to get on and off the bike. For additional comfort, the seat features lumbar support and pedals are designed ergonomically and have adjustable straps too.

The console of this bike is feature rich and provides the user with a number of choices for workouts apart from those available with iFit. The large 5-inch screen displays important performance data like distance, speed, time, calories burned and pulse. Responsive single touch controls allow easy adjustments of resistance.

The bike offers a challenging workout session with 22 magnetic resistance levels meant to cater people with different levels of fitness. You can choose from 24 workout apps including 12 speed and 12 calorie workout apps.

There are two speakers integrated into the console that makes it possible to connect any device to listen to your favorite music during the workout. There is also a fan at the bottom of the console to keep the person cool during the exercise.

It even has a heart rate monitor integrated through contact grips on handlebars so that one can easily measure his fitness progress.

Another little useful feature of the Norditrack exercise bike is the inclusion of water bottle holder below the LCD console and this makes it easy to grab water and stay continuously hydrated while using the bike.

iFit compatibility is one of the most important features of this Norditrack bike version. You can view a Google Map view on your phone or tablet as you paddle and the bike’s resistance automatically changes to match what you see. It is possible to use Google maps training routes from any corner of the world. This is a great feature that makes bike riding more interesting by being able to visualize oneself peddling through various terrains across the world.

The strong solid steel frame with 25-inch stabilizer bars holds everything steady when you exercise with this bike. You experience no shaking or wobbling and have a steady and sturdy base and you can exercise at any intensity without worrying about being knocked over. If you use the bike on a floor that is uneven, you can turn the levelers under the stabilizer bar to maintain a balance and avoid any rocking which might occur.

The exercise bike offers one of the best warranties – lifetime warranty on its frame. The labor and parts come with the warranty of one year.


What We Like
  • Includes 24 pre-set workout programs
  • The console has a manual program and pre-set programs
  • Easy to get on and off the bike with a chair like seating arrangement
  • Easy to adjust to fit a variety of heights
  • Resistance ranges from very easy to very hard and works for beginners to advanced users
  • Two transport wheels make it easy to move it from place to place
  • iFit compatibility brings more variety and fun to the workout
  • Quiet functionality allows using it without disturbing others
  • Levelers help balance the bike on uneven surfaces
  • 22 levels of resistance which can be adjusted and console lets you see what level you are working out at


What We Do Not Like
  • The bike can’t be used if there is a power outage
  • It is necessary to sign up for a premium membership of iFit to enjoy all functionality and this costs about $1000 annually
  • Assembly takes much time than usual with some people taking as long as 4 hours
  • Media cable is not included
  • Is not compatible with chest straps to get an accurate heart rate reading


The new NordicTrack GX 4.7 recumbent bike is not as expensive as other exercise bikes in the market but is loaded with excellent features and provides great value for money being such an affordable machine. The bike provides a solid basis for cardio workouts that work well to get the user into shape, lose weight and perfect for intense cardio training. Considering the features, functionality, and price, this can be a good choice for a recumbent bike to purchase for your home fitness.

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