10 Types of Professional Trampolines For Gymnasts

Trampolines, especially professional trampolines are great fun. It’s an activity that you can indulge in all on your own, you could have it in your backyard for the kids to bounce around in, or you could even get some professional trampolines you could use for a fun bit of exercising, helping you enhance your athletic skills and flexibility while having loads of fun.

However, professional trampolines come in a lot of different templates, sizes, shapes, etc, and it can be a little overwhelming to go through them all and decide which one is right for you. For example, there are square, rectangular, or circular trampolines, there are also those that are spring free, and a lot of other considerations that come into play.

10 Different Types Of Professional Trampolines

So here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best Professional Trampolines out there used for Professional Competition, Gymnastic Olympic and for personal practice.

1. GrandMaster Exclusives

Professional Trampolines

This one comes with a webbed mat, steel springs and lifting transporter stands. It can also be folded along its oval steel frame with the dimensions of 10’w x 17’w x 45″h (305 x 520 x 115cm). This model meets all the specifications of F.I.T.

2. Australian Trampolines

Australian Trampolines

These are made of the materials of the finest quality, ideal for a long life span and heightened performance. It can even be easily stored away due to its foldability. The frame and hinges on this model are made from strong tensile steel and deep blue enamel. This model has strong stability because of side braces and non-slip floor protectors on the legs.

3. Jumbo Pit Trampoline


The surface of this model is made with the same materials and in the same cast as the folding trampolines, however, it doesn’t come equipped with legs. This is meant to be installed on a concrete or wood-lined pit which is no less than 4 inches in depth.

4. Competition Mini Trampoline

Competition Mini Trampoline

This model makes use of 10-inch springs to facilitate slower rebound. It comes with six different positions by which to adjust its dimensions. The frame is finished in heavy enamel to make it more stable and durable. This can easily be folded up in order to provide easy storage.

5. Double Mini Trampoline

Double Mini Trampoline

First introduced in World championships in 1976, it meets all of the specifications laid out by F.I.T. It is really not much different than what you’d get if you lined up two mini trampolines together. At the mounting end, it consists of a ramp and has a flat mat at the dismount. The skills practiced on this must be feet to feet in nature, but other than that it offers much the same features and abilities as the single.

6. Eurotramp Double Mini Trampoline

Eurotramp Double Mini Trampoline

It comes with a welded galvanized oval frame which can easily be folded up. It comes completely equipped and handy with a half an inch of web mat, steel springs, and frame padding.

7. Overhead Spotting Rig


This one is the most recommended trampoline for training and practice purposes as it can have tubular steel sections attached to it around the sides in lieu of an overhead support. The frame is made from high tensile steel and it comes equipped with ropes and pulleys to enhance safety during training.

8. Portable Spotting RigPortable Spotting Rig

This is another great training apparatus which can easily be assembled or taken apart for storage purposes. It is free standing and doesn’t need the support of floor plates. It even features a strong harness and pulley system. It is entirely portable in nature and commonly used as a training gear with trampolines, uneven bars, etc.

9. Skywalker 15’

Skywalker 15’

This is a great trampoline which has a strong focus on safety as it comes within an enclosed webbing. The rectangular shape also facilitates jumping and lift, offering higher elasticity as compared to the circular ones. The steel frame is galvanized to ensure durability during all weather conditions. The springs are also covered up with one inch thick foams.

10. S113 Springfree Trampoline

S113 Springfree Trampoline

This is a square trampoline which gives the ideal mix of bounciness and softness. It is already a relatively radical addition to the list because it’s entirely spring free, and offers ideal safety with protective netting enclosing the trampoline mat. Although this is one of the best, safest and most durable non-spring trampolines out there, that comes at a hefty price, being one of the most expensive ones in the market.

Trampolines can be extremely fun. They are also one of the most unconventional, effective and enjoyable ways to workout. This information will definitely help you in figuring out the type of trampoline best suited for you.

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