PROGEAR 100S Pro Biking For 2017 Fitness Enthusiasts – A Review

If you want all of the cardiovascular benefits of biking sitting in the comfort of your home, then the PROGEAR 100S was built keeping your needs in mind. Exercise in the comfort of your home while listening to your favorite music or watching television It presents more challenge than the usual exercise bikes around and features Grip pulse sensor that measures your heart’s pulse on its own so that it is ensured that you remain within the heart rate zones that you desire. Even people who need to get in shape may easily use this bike with its capacity for people weighing up to 250 pounds. Read further below to check out the reviews on ProGear 100s Pro Biking.

PROGEAR 100S Pro Biking Reviews


Progear 100s pro biking reviews


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PROGEAR 100S Pro Biking Features at Glance

Read through the ProGear 100s exercise bike features below. This should help you understand and what sets it apart from the other competing exercise bikes.

Our Review: 9.6

LCD Computer

The sensors and the top of the line battery powered low energy consuming LCD computer that keeps track of burnt calories, the distance covered, the time spent on the bike, the speed at which the paddles are being turned etc. It is 40 inches long x 22 inches wide x 46 inches high in its dimensions.

Adjustable Seating

The seat is fairly comfortable, it has cushions, is designed ergonomically and may easily be adjusted back and forth and up and down. The Seat May Be Adjusted in 4 Directions

Attractive Pricing

On Amazon for the wealth of features that it offers, it is reasonably priced.

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Weight and Portability

Weighing about 60 pounds the PROGEAR 100S does require a minimal amount of assembling. That being said the features that it puts on the table more than make-up for its medium weight. It can be easily transported by virtue of the transportation wheels provided with the bike to facilitate relocation with ease.

Simulate Uphill Biking

One may also get a feel of biking uphill by standing on the bike and pedaling away, a feature few bikes offer. The handlebars are reminiscent of racing bikes and give an aura of cutting-edge biking to this particular model.

Invigorating Workout

The adjustments are made through an easy dial tension in order to make the workout progressive as well as challenging which reinvigorates you. Friction may be adjusted as needed in order to increase the resistance.

Pedals and Brakes

The pedals too may be turned in both the directions and the bike also has a top down emergency brake. The pedaling is consistent and smooth thanks to the flywheel driven by cast iron inertia. The chrome rim is 22 pounds in weight and helps to make the pedaling experience an excellent one. Plus, a water bottle holder is also included.

Other Features

People with heights as varying as 5’1” to 6’2” may drive this bike with no extra effort. The bike is chain driven that simulates exercises on road bikes. Toe cages are also present so that the rider might get that extra thrust on his forward leg.

Pros and Cons


• Feature rich

• Can be relocated easily

• Feels like a real bike

• Weighty

• Priced slightly high

Overall Verdict

With the PROGEAR 100S, you simply do not have an excuse not to exercise and give your heart that much needed a workout. With this model from PROGEAR, you can simulate all of the biking characteristics while working out in the comfort of your home or gym. You can just relax and pedal on while listening to your favorite songs or simply while watching T.V. Build you stamina and endurance the comfortable way. Hope this ProGear 100S Pro Biking review helps you to take a right decision.

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9.6 Total Score
Stay Fit

Good buy to stay fit.

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