Recumbent Bike VS Upright Stationary Bike – What You Need To Know

recumbent bike vs upright bike

Getting the right workout is always the goal of every fitness enthusiast. Though most of the professionals and veterans in fitness have already mastered the ways of every workout, and even tried almost exercise machines, some of them are still experimenting and looking for a faster efficient, convenient and comfortable workout. That is the reason there is always an upgrade in any machine like the spin bike.

As spinning became a famous workout today, beginners and even those long time spinners still confused about which type of spin bike will give you an efficient workout and the fastest result. For indoor cycling, we have the upright bike and the recumbent bike to choose from.

Now, if choosing which is the best spin bike, this article will give an insight about these two bikes. You will learn what is their difference and the benefits of both exercise bikes. So, keep on reading.

Benefits: Recumbent Bike VS  Upright Stationary Bike

One of the edges of an upright exercise bike from a recumbent exercise bike is the price. Upright bikes are cheaper than the recumbent bike. So, if your major concern is to fit your budget, then this bike is best for you. Upright bikes are foldable and take only less space. This is ideal for an apartment or a small home.

When you are that person who loves to feel a road biking experience, then an upright bike will give you that. You can pedal the same way you would on an actual bike. So, it can give you an extensive workout on your legs, especially if you are pedaling in a standing position.

While the recumbent bike, on the other hand, is ideal for a biker, who are looking for comfortability while spinning. The chair-like seat of this bike offers an amazing support of your back. When you hunched forward, you can pedal freely without your hands gripping to the handles. Which means, you can read a book or play a video game while pedalling.

Though it is more expensive than the Upright bike, other bikers would prefer this type of bike. Others claimed that the Upright bike gives a more extensive workout than a recumbent bike, but when talking about which bike burns more calories, the answer is both bikes when used can burn the same amount of calories. But in the cardio workout, it is said that the recumbent bike can give you a more intense workout for cardio.

Check out this table for the comparison of an Upright Bikes and Recumbent Bike. Here, you will see the advantages of one bike to the other.

 Features  Upright Bike Recumbent bike


Design like a traditional bike, so the biker can ride as if he is road biking. On this bike, the seat is in line with the pedals. So the biker sits into the bike frame and his back is well supported while pedalling.
Seating position The rider leans forward and bend the neck and back slightly. Riders sit in a reclined position without the need to bend the neck and back.


Rider has a high center of gravity which results in less stability. While pedalling, the pressure can wiggle the bike frame. Rider has a very low center of gravity making the bike very stable.


The sitting position in upright bike can cause sore hands, wrists and arms due to the pressure and stress due to the weight you exert by leaning forward while riding. Most riders of Upright bikes complain of saddle sore. It is the pain felt in your butt specially when riding for a long period. No matter how thick the padding of your seat, the weight and the pressure and the long period of sitting will give you sore. The rider is more comfortable in a recumbent bike because, while pedalling, the back of the rider is supported. In fact, the rider can pedal with his hands free and not gripping the handles. So less aches and less pain.


Workout Benefit

When you are using an upright bike, your gluteal muscles does not get the same benefit unless you are standing while pedalling. In a reclined position, your gluteus maximus muscles in your butt will get the best workout.

If you will check and understand every detail, you will see the larger benefits of Recumbent exercise bike. As mentioned earlier, upright bikes are much cheaper, but if you are looking for comfort and a longer riding period that you can take, choose the recumbent bike.

Both bikes can give you an intense workout depending to your endurance and commitment. If you can handle the disadvantages of an upright bike, then go for it. If you want a ride like you are on the road, Upright bike is best for you.

But when you are aiming for stability, comfort and if you have back or neck issues, choose the best recumbent bike for you. However, if you push yourself to your maximum level performance, whatever the type of bike will work for you. Upright or Recumbent, you will still achieve your goals, if you have the stamina, endurance and commitment.

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