Recumbent Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Recumbent Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Recumbent bikes are the popular choice of most elder fitness enthusiasts and people who like to exercise in a low impact pace. This is because, recumbent bikes are more comfortable to ride, and it is easy on your joints, back and neck. There are many models of bike available on the market today. To this reason alone, choosing the ideal bike for you can be risky. You do not want to waste your money on something that you will regret later, right? So, this page will give everything you need to about recumbent bikes.

Before getting your money out from your pocket, make a wise choice first by learning what are the important things to consider when you buy a recumbent bike.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Buying Guide

The Price

The time that you made up your mind that you need to purchase a recumbent bike, the first thing that you should prepare is the money. The recumbent bike comes in different models, brands and therefore, different prices. If you can afford to buy the most advanced and the hottest model in the spin bike market, then money is not an issue.

But, if you have a budget range for your spin bike, then search for a bike that will fit your budget and still offers good quality and efficient workout. An exercise bike is an investment for your health and fitness. If you want a spin bike that will last a long time, choose the one that may not have the latest gadgets available but still offers an effective workout.

Consider your height and weight

The height and the weight of the rider are crucial for a comfortable workout. You don’t like your workout to be interrupted by the wiggling of the bike because you are too heavy for it to handle right? So, in this case, choose a recumbent bike with a long wheelbase (LWB) and a lower bottom bracket. If you are a short spinner, recumbent bikes with smaller front wheels will suit you best.

If you are taller, then you can ride any type recumbent exercise bike. If you have issues with your arms, a bike with under seat steering is good for you. And for those who have no problems and issues at all, an aerodynamic style of exercise bike like ASS or OSS will suit you best. Choosing the bike that suits your weight and height can help you go for a longer session everyday without discomfort.

Riding style

Recumbent exercise bikes are designed purposely for comfort while burning calories. Think of it. An exercise bike that offers great performance but less comfortable is not always a good choice. A person who will encounter joint pains and any discomfort during the ride can never last long. But a person who rides without any feeling of discomfort can pedal for most extended hours.

Therefore, he can burn calories just like doing an intense workout with the most high-end model of spin bike.There are bikes that will suit your style of riding. If you are a rider who loves the ride to intense and fast, then is a design that will suit you. If you just like a low impact workout, then the top choice will be the recumbent bikes.

The level of Fitness

RECUMBENT-EXERCISE-BIKE-BUYING GUIDEBefore planning a workout routine, you should know the condition of your health and body. Check on you your doctor first, if you are fit to workout. Some people who have health conditions are not allowed for intense stress.

But there are health conditions, like Hypertension and diabetes these condition requires regular exercise to burn off sugar and calories.

And for elder people who have joint issues and bone issues, recumbent bike are mostly recommended. If you are physically fit, then an intense exercise with any bike is not a problem.

So, there you have it! Those are the four things to consider when buying a bike. They are the most important and should be your priority in setting up standards and qualities for a bike. When those four issues are dealt with, you are ready to buy the best recumbent exercise bike in the market.

Choosing a bike among so many styles and models is a little bit tricky if you have no idea which is best for you. As you go along with this page, you will learn a many valuable pieces of information about spin bikes and workouts. So, keep reading and enjoy spinning!