Schwinn AC Performance Plus Review – Who else wants to know the secret

Documented by the several Schwinn AC Performance plus review, this indoor cycling bike is considered to be one of the hottest spinners in the spin bike industry.

The Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt Drive is a maintenance-free cycling bike that primarily features durable construction with its rust resistant aluminum frame and is comparatively lighter than any other spin bikes in the market.

Part of the “Schwinn’s Authentic Cycling Series” this indoor bike will provide every users the convenience of authentic cycling (which stands for AC) where they get to practically feel the similar experience in riding an outdoor bicycle.

This has been intensified by its effective adjustable design, efficient handlebars that satisfy every rider needs from comfort to superior performance, Carbon Blue technology of the spin bike’s belt drive and the innovative 6-magnet break system that paves the way for a smoother, realistic cycling ride. These just definitely give justifiable grounds for achieving every fitness enthusiast’s expectations.

Our Review: Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus Indoor Bike

Schwinn AC Performance Plus Review

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Our Rating: 9

The technical aspect of the bike features 122cm height, 109cm length and 51cm width. Its maximum weight reaches a total of 106lbs or 48kg with a maximum user weight of 350lbs or 159kg. It can accommodate user sizes ranging from 150cm to 203cm tall.

Specifically, this bike has a powerful set of combined features that will elevate your everyday cycling regimen experience.

Quick Fit System

Cyclists will absolutely be well-situated with Schwinn’s Quick Fit System. Give yourself a refined ride positioning as this will provide every user easy task in adjusting the bike’s seat slides and ergo loop handlebars’ forward and backward settings including the seat height and handlebar height.

Both seat and handlebars offer at most 3 positions in its adjustment settings along with their ½ inch height increments.

Durable, light-weight aluminum frame

Compared to cycling bikes that are made of steel, this Performance bike is lighter because the frame is made up of aluminum.

The material is rust resistant so you need not worry of physical deterioration that will make your bike’s appearance displeasing.

Virtual Contact Resistance Technology

Magnets and aluminum disk are employed to the spin bike so that nothing is getting through the wheel avoiding friction and declining quality of the bike’s appearance while preserving the consistency of the spin bike’s performance beyond the regular time of usage.

Schwinn Carbon Blue Belt TechnologyPerformance handlebars

A very convenient feature that will provide the users enhance comfort because of the ergo loop handlebars to enable multiple positions, aero bars, water bottle holders, and inclining bars that are set to 12 degrees for a well-situated leaning position.

Carbon Blue Belt Technology

A virtually zero maintenance belt, this type of technology permits the bike to be free from manual adjustments, occasional lubrication, and stretching. The belt has the capacity to grab the bike’s gears and come up with unconstrained cycling flow and quiet indoor environment.

Double link pedals with SPD and Toe-clip combination

Because not all users are comfortable using cycling cleats, the pedals are prepared to effectively accommodate cyclist who prefer using those regular workout shoes.

What We Like
  • The 6 magnetic resistance system of the bike is fairly and evenly distributed for a more optimal braking performance.
  • The virtual contact resistance technology made possible a maintenance free spin bike.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Accommodate both cleat shoes and typical workout shoes.
  • Lightweight

What We Do Not Like
Doesn’t come with an onboard computer.

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AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Does the bike require an electrical outlet for it to work?

A: No. It is absolutely “human” powered so there is no need for an electrical outlet to make it work.

Q: Can you change the bike’s pedals?

A: Yes, you can change the pedals to the ones that you prefer more.

Final Verdict

Supported by majority of best spin bike reviews posted over the internet, Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt Drive Spin Bike is highly recommended both for home and fitness studios. The bike can literally compete with other high-end bikes in the market because it is genuinely fabricated with professional features. It does not just exclusively offer cycling opportunities to the pros but also offers it to the beginners considering its versatile and flexible characteristics.

Furthermore, investing to this machine merits a good choice because it effectively provides a productive cycling routine with its “authentic cycling” capability coupled with its smooth running parts.

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9 Total Score
Future of Indoor Cycling

What a Great indoor bike. You will enjoy the features. Although it is expensive for its premium features but you might know premium stuff charges more. Highly Recommended.

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