Schwinn IC2 Review – (Does) It Worth Your Investment

Our Rating: 8.5

Staying slim and fit has been the genre for beauty and wellness over the past few generations and up to now. However, with the demanding nature of most jobs nowadays, it has also become tough to maintain a desirable shape especially when you are tangled with the strict schedule and all the stress at your workplace.

So having an indoor bike like this IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike from Schwinn is a surefire way to stay fit even in the comfort of your homes and of course at any time possible.

Choosing a good indoor bike is very important. A great product will help you stay challenged and motivated to keep track of your progress and beat your yesterday workout’s highest record. It will also help you exercise comfortably to meet your desired shape. And think about it, who would feel interested doing spins with a lousy indoor bike?

In this Schwinn IC2 Review, let’s examine this black Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike and see if it’s worth your investment.

Schwinn IC2 Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn ic2 review

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Heavy flywheel (31 lbs)

One important thing to consider when choosing a good indoor spinning exercise bike is the weight of its flywheel. This Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike has 31 lbs flywheel and high inertia that gives you the same momentum you can get from a standard road bike.

It also adds support as you spin to give you the maximum, wobble-free experience while you workout. This heavy flywheel also lessens the noise when you spin allowing you to listen to music or even watch a movie without being distracted.

Sturdy Built

This model from Schwinn can support multiple users. Its pedals are adjustable and the design was inspired by outdoor cycling Q-Factor so you can simulate the outdoor mountains, valleys and rough roads as you exercise. Now that’s really awesome! Plus, having this design also helps you avoid injuries while you exercise.

Its frame is also made of strong, corrosion-resistant steel packed with rear stabilizers/frame levelers and moving it from room to room is also no fuss because of its transport wheels. Its handlebars are ergonomically designed for multiple positioning and another winning part you can’t get from other indoor exercise bikes within its price range is that its seat has fore and aft seat adjustment.

Comes with Computer to measure results

Lschwinn ic2 indoor cycle monitorike mentioned above, this indoor bike lets you measure your progress during your daily exercise as it is equipped with a sleek LCD computer that provides time, distance, RPM, speed, and how many calories you burn out.

What We Like
  • Infinite resistance levels with 31-pound flywheel and high inertia, direct drive gearing
  • Easy-adjust pedals and outdoor cycling inspired Q-Factor; multi-position handlebars; fore/aft seat adjustment
  • Sturdy steel frame with rear stabilizers/frame levelers; convenient transport wheels
  • Simple to use LCD computer with time, distance, RPM, speed and calorie readouts
  • Comes with built – in fan and water bottle holder

What We Do Not Like
  • Slightly pricey with other indoor running cycles
  • For first time use, adjustment on the resistance may cause squeaky noise coming from the friction pad but a spray of silicone will fix it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Since chain-driven, is it noisy? Can it be used on a second floor?

A: It’s not noisy unlike other chain driven indoor bikes. There may be some vibrations, but it can use on a second floor. With a low sound music, it can’t be heard on the first floor.

Q: Have you had issues with the inflexible handle bars?

A: None at all.

Q: Can it be adjusted for a size of a child? Say, 12 year old?

A: Yes, its height adjustment is very good. It can be adjusted to fit any user size.

Q: what’s the maximum user weight it can support?

A: It can support up to 250 lbs. Standard for indoor bikes.

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Final Verdict

Though this might come a bit pricey among other indoor bikes from Schwinn, you will find it a great investment. It comes with more useful peripherals and the fact that it comes with a computer to monitor your progress is already a thumb up. It also gives an overall comfortable experience for any user size without taking for granted its solid built.

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8.5 Total Score

Good product comes with a cost. And Schwinn IC2 will make sure that your investment decision was good. Highly Recommended.

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  1. Reply Chima February 10, 2016 at 22:27

    Which exercise bike sulohd I purchase?I’m looking to buy an upright exercise bike with a maximum cost of $400. So far in my search, the two I’m leaning toward are the Nautilus U514 ($365 on Amazon) or the Schwinn 140 ($300 on Amazon). Both have received quite positive reviews from what I have read.I would like the bike to have:1) Fairly comfortable seat (also, I’m not tall, so height capabilities of the seat won’t be an issue for me)2) Rack for reading materials (this is very important, as I am a student, and I often rely on my exercise time to catch up on some reading)3) Relatively easy assembly4) Challenging workouts/resistance levels (I am in decent shape, so it’s important to me that the bike can provide strenuous workouts)5) Quiet (I often need to work out at night, so I’d like a bike that won’t disturb family members who are sleeping)6) Fairly small and portable (Something I can move from room to room with relative ease as needed, and store in confined space)7) NOT battery powered. From what I gather, both the Nautilus and Schwinn bike listed above meet all of these needs.Have any of you owned either of the bikes I listed above, or possibly a different one that you would recommend? (Again, under $400, please.)Thanks for all of your input!

  2. Reply Thomas February 15, 2016 at 04:21

    You should go for the Schwinn 140. It will be great for you. Thank you.

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