Sole SB700 Review – Take Your Riding To The Next Level

Spin biking has undoubtedly made its prominence in the health and fitness realm in these recent times. This is the reason why Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike has been skillfully constructed to become one of the world’s exceptional spin bikes.

The Sole SB700 is a quality spin bike that takes workout routines even more effective and efficient while ensuring the comfort of the users. With its durable, productive and comfortable design, it is a practical investment for either commercial or home-destined users considering largely its reasonable price. This indoor bike has the capability in achieving the same outcome that outdoor cycling produces especially in burning calories.

Aside from its sturdy built frame, Sole SB700 has an adjustable seat and handlebars which allow the users to adjust the settings according to their own preference for their own convenience. It also has adjustable resistance and useful digital console display that monitors and reflects the user’s progress effectively.

The majority of the Sole SB700 reviews, the impressive Kevlar braking system along with a 48-pound heavy duty, chrome plated flywheel allows a smooth ride and a realistic cycling session. Thus, users need not worry about searching for a more challenging bike ride outside the comfort of their homes. It also doesn’t have any compatibility issues with wireless chest straps for monitoring heart rates.

Sole Fitness SB700 indoor Exercise Bike Reviews

Sole SB700 Review

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Engineered to persist for a significant period time, the SB700 will not give you any headaches because it is well-built and does not easily ask for bothersome maintenance expenses in reference to the many positive spin bike reviews.

Most importantly, users have the advantage over its comprehensive warranty period as it guarantee a lifetime coverage for the bike’s frame, three years coverage for its parts and electronics and one year coverage for labor. The Sole SB700 spin bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds with a total product weight of 140 pounds.

Seat/Handlebar Adjustments

The majority of the spin bikes that are in the market today only offer forward and backward seat adjustments. Contrary to the SB700, it has the perfect seat and handlebar adjustment settings that go up, down, forward and backward.

This is really a convenient feature as it responds to the demand for suitability to every height measurement and body types. Also, the seats and handlebars are thickly textured and padded so that you don’t have to worry of slipping and getting sores or blisters while seriously having your exciting cycling routines.

Console Display

You will definitely find convenience with its very informative 3×4-inch backlit blue LCD integrated console display that comprehensively reflects your progress in terms of calories burned, distance and speed, used time, and RPM. This might be a small size LCD screen for some, but the large font size will surely be readable for everyone!

Pedals with toe straps

Because it does not want its cyclist slip while pedaling, the bike has a reliably built toe straps in its pedals that make it very convenient in increasing the efficiency of pedaling as your feet pulls up and down. The straps will not only give you proper leverage, it will also keep your feet in the most desirable location.

48 pound, Chrome plate flywheel

This feature adds up to the sturdiness of the bike. With its heaviness, the bike has the maximum capacity to produce energy keeping the momentum of the bike in high power. This makes the ride smoother and more realistic just like you are cycling outdoor.

Enhanced shock absorbent and Kevlar braking system

Of course, you don’t desire being disturbed by annoying vibrations and mechanical noises while you are having your cycling regimen. The SB700 bike has an enhanced shock absorbent and Kevlar braking system that gives you a peaceful work-out environment. You can cycle smoothly and quietly while listening to some popular upbeat music.

Water Bottle holders

Never underestimate the power of water to your working body! The bike has two built-in water bottle holders that will provide every cyclist the convenience in easily grabbing their waters when thirsty.

What We Like
  • The excellent quality of the bike is guaranteed given the useful and effective product features plus the authenticity of the bike’s manufacturer.
  • Its adjustability potentials give everybody types the opportunity to experience the beauty of spin biking.
  • The build specification of the bike is securely solid and grounded that it does not fall off even in carpeted floors.
  • The heavy flywheels and Kevlar braking system are excellent contributors to a peaceful, productive workout atmosphere.
  • It is compatible with wireless chest straps that are used to monitor the level of heart rate.
  • The digital LCD monitor provides accurate figures that are useful in tracking the progress you make.
  • The warranty benefits are very comprehensive giving every consumer win-win benefits.
What We Do Not Like
  • Because it is really heavy, the portability or the feasibility in carrying the bike hinders every user in moving it from one place to another.
  • Wireless connections sometimes experience interruptions when using other wireless electrical devices. This may result to wireless chest straps devices recording inconsistent/ inaccurate heart rate readings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the display work even if there is no working computer? Is the display functioning because of batteries, plug-in connection, or by pedaling?

A: The display is working mostly because of pedaling. It would work even without a computer and has a backup battery also. My heart monitor chest band is working and is really transmitting to the display panel.

Q: During a programmed workout, will it allow me to change the tension level?

A: Yes, you can change the tension level by simply reaching down and make the necessary adjustments.

Q: Can the bike handle stand-up position?

A: Yes, it is very stable and smooth even with high pedaling pressures. I do stand positions every day and the bike can handle it well.

Final Verdict

The Sole SB700 spin bike is an effective functional tool for an optimal cycling regimen. Although quite expensive compared to other spin bikes that are available in the market, most of the Sole SB700 review agree that the bike is a very wise investment because of its excellent features.

Despite the heaviness, it assures the users that it will remain useful over a significant period of time, particularly if it is managed with the appropriate care and maintenance. Its flexibility provides every user the convenience in adjusting the settings according to their respective preferences.

Furthermore, its smoothness and silent features will motivate every user to perform their cycling regimen enthusiastically. This is really a bike that is worth investing for.

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