Spin Bike Workout Routine For Beginners

When you have already made up your mind to do a routine workout, be informed that it takes commitment to succeed. Confused about how to start and when to start? Brighten up! This article will give you simple but imperative hints of how to start your routine workout.

So you are a beginner to indoor cycling. Let us say that you have chosen your type of exercise, either jogging, spinning, aerobics, weight lifting and etcetera. Whatever your choice of workout, all starts with the most fundamental rule. There are certain steps to follow for a beginner like you for you to build up your endurance and stamina.  Like, preparing yourself mentally and physically.

If you choose spin bike workout to achieve your fitness goal, learn to follow a routine to make your chosen spin bike workout routine productive and entertaining for you.

Spin Bike Workout Routine & Plan

Spin bike workout routine for beginners

Below are simple tips to consider before getting started and tips to follow during the workout.

Make sure that you are physically healthy
So ask your doctor if you are capable of rigorous workout and how long can your body take the stress.
Set your goal
Create a goal for yourself. Check your body measure, like your waist circumference. If today it is 30 inches, then aim to reduce it at least 3 or 4 cm in one month. This way, you will be motivated to achieve that goal by the given deadline.
Check your diet
When you have started your workout, always keep your diet on track. There are recommended the diet that you should follow to achieve your goal faster. It is vital that you should monitor what you eat when you are doing exercise every day. No matter how long you train every day and no matter how extreme it is, all is useless if you don’t monitor what you eat. Eating and exercising are organically connected.

For example, If you eat junk foods that are full of additives, you will feel tired to exercise. So, eat nutritious food that will energize you. Also, when training, your urge of eating more after a workout will also increase. If you let your hunger rule you, instead of losing weight, you will gain more weight faster than before. Eat less, just enough to sustain your hunger and limit yourself to foods that are rich in calories.

Create a balanced routine that you should follow every day
If you choose to spin for 20 minutes a day (HIIT Workout), then set your mind to follow it strictly. Within that 20 minutes, you should create a particular style of workout
Getting started with the workout

So, this is it! You are now ready. Here are the steps to follow during your workout as a beginner.

  1. Set up your spin bike and adjust the seats for your convenience.
  2. Hop on your bike and position your middle sole in the pedal to avoid slipping. Sit on the back of the seat.
  3. Keep your grip light and your elbow soft, not lockout.
  4. Hunch forward with your hips to keep your upper body in position and your lungs open.
  5. Adjust the resistance. In a spin class workout routine, you determine how hard the workout is.
  6. Start with a warm up that will be 5 minutes all.  Then the next 5 minutes is to pedal in stationary speed where you can be still able to talk or sing while pedaling.  The next 10 minutes is an interval of speed. Do this by pedaling easily in 30 seconds and then increase the speed in the next 30 seconds. Do this repeatedly until you finish your 20 minutes.
Spin to Slim Workout Plan

Infographic credit: www.shape.com/fitness/cardio/spin-slim-workout-plan

As you do this every day, you will notice the build up of stamina and endurance. When you think that you can endure the longer period of spinning workout routine, then make it 30 to 40 minutes a day. You can decide your resistance as you get started. Choose a resistance that will challenge while pedaling. As you do this every day, try to increase your speed or resistance until you are ready for an extreme workout. Following this routine will help you get focused and train yourself until you can handle a rigorous workout.

When you register in the gym for a spin class, most of the time you forced yourself to start directly in a rigorous workout just to catch up with the other spinners. But you can start your routine in which you can follow comfortably without stressing your body. You can even do it in your home if you know the simple steps to start.

Remember spinning is an incredible workout if it is done right.

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