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Ever wanted the best indoor fitness equipment that will effectively aid you in achieving a fit body and healthy lifestyle? The Spinner® NXT Commercial Spin Bike values the respective motives o fitness enthusiasts’ in acquiring a commercial spin bike for their regular workout routines.

That is why Spinner® NXT innovate the spin biking experience by creating an exceptional quality spin bike that embraces durability, caliber, freedom and challenges. This spin bike is highly recommended by many satisfied customers based on the several Spinner® NXT review over the internet.

Rooted in the requirement of a highly effective functioning spinner, this spin bike will never break down your expectations with its surprisingly incredible features. A Cycle like a pro accompanied by its weighted, powerful flywheel that works from the highest level down to the most detailed mechanical process so that you will experience a highly realistic riding.

The belt drive will definitely provide you maximum levels of workout concentration because of its smoothness and stillness. Remain worry free from the hardwearing, ultra-stable steel frame complemented perfectly by its adjustable and well-balanced seat and handlebars.

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Spinner NXT reviews

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Dimension : 53.3 x 137 x 102 cm
Flywheel weight: 17.2 kg
Weight : 60.3 kg
Maximum user weight: 158.8 kg/ 350 pounds

Our Rating: 9

Efficient and reliable mechanical system

With its 38lbs heavy flywheel, strong bearings, axle, and cranks and forceful chain drive system, the bike will definitely give every user the authentic biking feeling.

Functional, dual-sided pedals

The pedal system of the bike is purposively built for an efficient spinning program that will make every rider feel comfortable when cycling. It is dual sided, SPD-compatible, and can be used for either cycling shoes or just the ordinary workout shoes.

Deterioration resistant frame

Spinner® NXT is neatly fabricated with a steel frame design coated with zinc to prevent rust build-up. It will definitely remain attractive even after years of usage.

Flexible spin settings

The bike’s flexibility will accommodate the different sizes and height of riders. It has an adjustable seat slider with numerical markings and seat post that can easily be manipulated to fit the rider’s size. Both are also corrosion resistant so users need not worry about displeasing bike stains.

Comfortable Saddle

Working out for whether for a short or long period requires a comfortable seat approach, thus Spinner® NXT has placed dual-density seat padding and seat cutouts that will place every user’s body structure at ease.

Front-mounted wheels

The wheels provide every user quick and easygoing transport and movement for storing purposes or transferring the bike’s position to another location.
Convenient handlebars and water holders: The handlebars are designed to be non-slippery for a reliable gripping. It also has a strongly built water bottle holders that provide convenience during thirst tripping cycling.

  • The reliable and durable bike quality that is manifested by its authentic build specifications will not waste every user’s fiscal investment because it will surely last for a significant period of years.
  • It has a genuinely flexible seat and handlebars that fit varied body sizes and height profiles.
  • It is powerful, high-performance mechanical system unleashes productive cycling workout and smoother ride.
  • The corrosion-resistant body ensures the pleasing appearance of the bike to last longer.
  • You will never get bored in performing your cycling routines because it comes with four FREE Spinning® DVDs that helps you reach effective workout results.
  • Compared to other modernized indoor spinning cycles, the Spinner® NXT has no electronic system that use to track the user’s cycling progress.
  • Some of the Spinner® NXT review revealed that the music use in the free spinning videos is very lame that they just have to watch the routines while listening to more upbeat music that are personally downloaded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the bike compatible with electronic consoles?

A: Aside from the fact that it does not have a digital LCD display to track progress, the indoor bike also lacks this feature.

Q: Are the bike’s brakes and chain adjustable?

A: Yes, both are adjustable.

Q: Can the bike adjust to a 5 feet tall user?

A: Definitely! In fact, the bike can also be adjusted to heights lower than 5 feet like 4’11’’ or 4’10’’.

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Final Verdict

The Spinner® NXT receives a majority of overwhelming, favorable online spin bike reviews from its wide users. This implies the positive quality of the bike’s performance in handling daily cycle routines at home and even inside fitness’ gyms. Although it lacks the sophisticated electronics that other spinning cycles in the market have, it never fails to provide a satisfying cycling experience because of its powerful and reliable features.

Besides, users have the preference of purchasing a separate spinning computer in order to track progress made. As a whole, every user will benefit from the bike’s quality and service performance that is consistently the first rate.

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9 Total Score

This is something you should have for your indoor exercise. Although it's an expensive indoor spinning cycle but It will definitely worth your investment.

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