Spinner® Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle Review

Road biking, as we have known is the main source of ideas of the indoor spinning bikes. The benefits of this exercise are the inspiration why large companies invented an indoor spinning bike. It is for all those who are body conscious that wants to maintain their figure to have the benefits of road biking even in their own home. Of course, who doesn’t want to have that perfectly toned body?

It is for all those who are body conscious that wants to maintain their figure to have the benefits of road biking even in their own home. Of course, who doesn’t want to have that perfectly toned body?

But, not all of us have the time to go road biking or go to the gym regularly. Some of us, are either busy in our works, or some are just too lazy to get out or spend money for a workout registration. Because of these, one big company created a concept of indoor spinning workout suitable for those busy fitness enthusiasts.

The MadDogg® company is the first who created the concept of spinning workouts. From them, indoor spinning bikes are now increasing in numbers in the market. This indoor cycle is best for home use or commercial use.

Whichever you choose, you will be able to feel the experience of road biking. Take it from the best spinning bike reviews. To know more about the Spinner® sprint cycle, keep on reading and learn why this bike can be your best partner for achieving that perfectly toned body.

Spinner® Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle Review

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43-Pound flywheel

The heavier the flywheel the better it is for a spin bike. The Spinner® Sprint cycle has a large and heavy flywheel so it is guaranteed that you will build a great momentum in pedaling. The large flywheel will give you a fluid cycling smooth motion in your workout, while the chain or the belt drive operates quietly.

Stable fixed handlebars and adjustable seats

These are one of the most important features of a spin bike to make you comfortable in your workout. The adjustability offers versatility so that you can have an efficient workout session. It works by adjusting the pole of the seat up or down to your desired height. It is secured by locking it with the knob or clamping it into place.

Leather top-down brake pad

Having a leather braking pad in your spin bike assures you the durability and a long-lasting functioning of your brakes. This proves the Spinner® Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle review, that MadDog Athletics® new creation is among the high-end indoor spin bike.

Optimized Q-factor

It is one of the assets of this spinner cycle for it promotes efficiency in reducing high-frequency losses of energy.

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  • You are guaranteed for the durability due to its solid construction.
  • The seats and handlebars offer comfort and you can adjust it to your desired height.
  • The brakes are very reliable and ensure a long lasting use.
  • It comes with a 4 workout DVDs that you can follow and choose the kind of workout that you want.
  • It is equipped with a water bottle handle.
  • Some users complain that the seat becomes uncomfortable when sitting for a long time. This is a common issue for all spin bikes since you have to sit longer during the workout. And it’s natural.

Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a 250-pound person be able to stand up when doing an uphill training?

Ans: Yes, its weight limit is up to 250 pounds, so there would be no problem.

2. Is it okay if I will use a clip for the pedals on this bike?

Ans: Yes you can, but it is best if you buy special pedals for it.

3. Some said that the seat is not that comfortable? Is it true?

Ans: When you are sitting on a spin bike for a long period, it is normal to feel uncomfortable. All you have to do is change position or stand up. The seats are adjustable, so you can adjust it until you become comfortable.

Final Verdict

Upon reading most of the Spinner® Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle review, and by experiencing it by myself, the reviews are telling the facts about the Spinner cycle. It is surely recommendable and the price gives justice to the quality and the great performance of this product.

This is an indoor cycle that is ideal for every cyclist and body conscious person. You will be satisfied with the result and you will surely enjoy your workout periods. This bike is highly recommended and it is 100% the best investment that you can have.

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