Starting Strength – Basic Barbell Training, 3rd Edition – Book Reviewed

One of the most useful fitness books is the Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and it is just a simple but very effective workout trainer for the novice as well as for those intermediaries who want to develop strength. The third edition of this book has been successfully evolved after tests and seminars done over the past four years. This book provides an encyclopedic knowledge about training with barbells which is second to none.

Introduction To Starting Strength

The basic training program for barbells listed out in this book are aimed at the young ones, these programs can be of use to all and sundry including the female and male, old as well as young, and also for the flabby and the fit athletes, the healthy as well as the sick, and the strong as well as the weak. All the athletes will find something in this book to help improve their physique and their strength. The principle on which the training in this book revolves is to understand first the principles of what kind of stress you are undergoing, then to chart out the steps required for recovery and then finally to adapt these steps to your work program. By following these steps it would help in improving your appearance, your quality of life, and also your performance. This SS: body buildingBBT3 is a comprehensive book meant to guide you in how to develop your strength which is the very key to an athlete’s performance and the foundation of your health for a very long life.

Starting Strength answers you all the questions regarding bodybuilding and makes you very comfortable with the answers such that you are all ready to go. There are also illustrations and improved photos for all the instructions regarding the lifts in this book. Even the biomechanical aspect of each lift has been succinctly explained leaving no doubt in your mind the particular benefit you will derive from specific lifts.


Starting Strength 2

This book gives you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to performing even the basic of the exercises for the deadlift, squat, bench press, power snatch and the power press. These instructions may be different from the earlier editions as they have been revised and evolved over the last four years during which group instructions and seminars were held and the results documented.

It is but natural that when you are recuperating from your illness, you are bound to feel weak and a little stressed out. This edition of the book takes into consideration this aspect of the recovery period and has also charted out the exercises and their frequency you need to be on the road for gaining your strength. This takes into consideration also the basic question of why barbells are the best solution for you to indulge in when training to gain strength. The mechanical aspects of training with barbells have been logically and comprehensively explained in the book.

This book – Starting Strength outlines a program for you to effectively start your basic exercises and then to progress to the more advanced exercises. Also, this book has been efficiently indexed for you to jump over to the particular topic or lift which you may want to peruse again. This is the most awesome training program anyone might have envisaged for you to start gaining strength.


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