3 Different Types of Stretching Machines – Recommended For Desk Jobers

Have you ever had any problems with tight muscles, stiffness or joint aches? Probably, yes. Our bodies are meant to be in flux at all times, they need regular use and exercise. They especially need to be stretched regularly and tried to their limits. Those involved in fields that require physical exercise need to move regular stretches into their routine, be it martial art practitioners, sportsmen, ballerinas, whatever it is. That’s where Stretching Machines are helpful.

However, it is also recommended highly for the office going or the desk-job types. In fact, it’s recommended for them quite strongly because they hardly get any exercise at all, and so their bones and joints may more easily get rickety or stiff just like a rusty door frame. Stretching machines are really helpful in this regard. However, you can’t just buy any stretch machine out there.

You have to be aware of which joints and muscles you use or don’t use, and which ones are in need of exercise. Then you need to run through that information regarding what the different stretch machines offer you so that you come to a decision. However, to help you along, we’ve listed out the specifics and uses of the three different types of stretch machines for different parts of your body — Full Body, Leg/Hamstring, and Back/Spine — along with examples of good machines in the category.

Different Types Of  Stretching Machines

Here is the list of 3 major types of stretching machines and few examples in the same category.

Full Body Stretch Machines

pretor-240i-Stretching Machines

These generally focus on larger targets such as the hamstrings, quads, back muscles, etc. They are meant to focus and stretch every major muscle network on your body, which can help you in a multitude of ways such as improving your posture and reducing joint pains and stiffness. When looking for a machine of the sort, be on the lookout for some specific features such as comfortable wrist straps, a sturdy build, focus on every muscle, padding, and the size. Some of the best machines in this category are:

#1. Precor 240i StretchTrainer: This machine is currently ideal for all your needs, has value for money, and it’s sturdy enough to last you a lifetime. Other than simply supplementing and ‘warming up” your exercise routine, this can act as a full-body workout session in its own right for those who don’t care to be completely ripped or lack in time. Check out the price below

#2. LifeSpan Stretch Partner Bench: This will increase your suppleness and make you flexible while also easing your movements because of its provision of mobility. Check out the price below.

Leg/ Hamstring Stretching Machine


This is great for those who constantly need to do stretches and splits, such as dancers and martial art practitioners. This machine has the propensity to gradually stretch out your hamstrings by helping you stretch your legs out. This is done and gently and with gradual increments. The best devices in this category are:

#1. Pro Leg Stretcher: At an affordable price, this is a great machine which has the added bonus of letting you stretch more than 180 degrees. Check out the price below.

#2. Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretch Machine:  This has a very gradually and smoothly moving crank so you can best control how much you’re stretching. It’s also completely padded so as to make it comfortable for you and has leg and back support which can easily be adjusted. This is simply a steal at such a low price. Check out the price below.

Back/ Spine Stretching Machine

back-Stretching Machines

These are great to improve your posture and reduce or eliminate any back pain you might have. It works as a great chiropractor, except a Chiropractor isn’t available at your disposal at 3 am when you suddenly feel your back hurting like hell! This also increases flexibility, makes you stand strong, and gives you immense confidence. These are the recommended machines:

#1. Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device: It comes with a non-skid floor stabilizer made of a tough rubber material so you can do those inversions without worry. This is the best in the market for any inversion therapy. Check out the price below.

#2. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table: This machine is ideal for use before you get into your Cardio’s, this acts a really good stretching and warm up tool to your work out. Check out the current price below.

Now that you have got the basics about the different types of stretching machines, you can decide for yourself which suits you the best based on your requirements.


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