Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Cheap and Durable

You can stay in shape with this wonderful Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike. The fitness experts carefully engineered this indoor bike for individuals who don’t have much time for outdoor biking. The sunny fitness and indoor cycling bike is good for everyone who has high enthusiasm for biking. It can burn your calories well and you can track how much you got lost while using this indoor bike.

If you are aiming to lose some of your weight, then this bike is the right fit for you because, according to sunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike reviews, this bike will give you effects same like you are road biking.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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Our Rating: 9

The amazing sunny cycling bikes feature a convenient structure and sturdy components for easy and safe biking exercise. It sticks to the standard of quality envisioned by its manufacturer to make sure that customers could use it with satisfaction.

It specifically ensures that the expectation of customers shall be met. This is why this carefully crafted bike is made to monitor to answer the information needed by the user during the exercise. Here are the wonderful features of this product.

Adjustable seat height

It has a comfortable seat height which you can adjust accordingly. Your height is a prime factor for adjusting this seat so you can adjust it depending on how comfortable you are. This is very important because the seat height will determine how you can conveniently move on with the exercise.

Quiet and smooth chain mechanism

A sturdy chain drive mechanism is safely mounted on this bike so that you can pedal quietly and smoothly. You can easily take a speeding motion because it resembles a real bike moving on even road surfaces without much strain to legs. So the stronger you pushed with the speed the more you can gain strength with your lower extremities.


22 pounds flywheel-Equipped with 22lbs flywheel which could only produce enough resistance for the user when using it.

Heavy-duty crank & steel frame

It has a heavy duty steel frame and crank which could weigh a maximum weight of 240 pounds. Be careful with allowing individuals above this weight to it is true with the strong frame, but they are engineered with the limit. It can lessen the quality of steel frame if it will be used with extreme weight.

Adjustable Resistance

This bike is also equipped with adjustable resistance which you can apply in resisting your speed while pedaling.

Brake system

The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike brake is reachable and easy to grip. You could quickly stop the spinning when you wanted to.

Beautifully padded seat

Equipped with the perfectly molded padded seat where you can stay conveniently for many hours.

LCD monitor

It is readily equipped with LCD monitor where you can track your time, distance, and speed. It could also display how many calories you have already burned for the time you spent with the bike.

What We Like
  • With Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike, you can feel the same effect resembling outdoor biking even though you are just at your home.
  • It will sufficiently tone up your muscles and burn your calories so that you can keep up with your desirable weight and shape.
  • It can allow individuals weighing up to 240 pounds
  • The product features a design that will make the rider comfortable while riding.
  • It features an upright and sturdy design, with smooth pedaling motion resembling real bikes moving on flat roads.
  • It also has an easy mechanical selection of seat position so that you can relax your back while exercising.
What We Do Not Like
  • One of the customers who purchased this bike complained of obnoxious and loudly clicking noise, but he found out that it was due to the plastic sensor attached with the flywheel. It was already deformed he said, that’s why it is catching the speeding sound of the bike. But he just took it out with the screw driver and the sound was gone.

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FAQ [Frequent Asked Questions]

Q. Can you swap the seat for a different one?
A: Unfortunately, no, this bike’s seat cannot be swapped with the different one.

Q. Is resistance in levels or on a continuous scale? If the latter, is it possible to easily get back to the exact same resistance after changing it?

A. This bike is equipped with adjustment for resistance which you can manually do. It has a knob which you can turn to. You can increase or decrease the resistance with this knob. You will see no other markings on the knob except with labeled “+” or “-“ and the directing arrow where it must be turned accordingly. It really has worked for me.

Q. I’m 6’4″ 220 lbs. Will this bike be a good fit for my size?
A. This greatly fitted my size. I am 5’6” and 130 pounds. I am using it frequently, especially in the morning and very pleased with it. I think it is not fitting for you, but sunny Health has another one which might be a bit expensive, but I believe it will be good for you. You can contact them I am sure they will quickly address your concern for your size.

Final Verdict

I concluded basing from the sunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike reviews, that it is highly recommended to use indoors. But with some noticeable yet manageable little problems such as weight capacity the future buyer should, therefore, ask in specific if the manufacturer has a better version for them considering their size.

Some customers are also satisfied with the adjustable resistance knob equipped with this spinning bike as it really can resemble the feeling of traveling a bike for many miles.

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9 Total Score

It will meet all of your expectations. Great indoor bike by Sunny Health & Fitness. Highly Recommended.

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